WiseTube® Vials with Desiccant Flip Top Cap
Vial with Built in Desiccant Flip-Top Cap

This Desiccative functional tube is composed of strong and durable PP/PE plastic. The desiccant itself is built into the flip-top cap and is easy to open, it prevents healthcare and diagnostic reagent products from moisture damage and extends shelf-life. The cap’s desiccant is composed of white silica gel housed underneath the cap. This type of desiccant tube is widely used in products such as urinalysis testing strips, pH tests and other reagents so that their readings are as accurate as possible. It can also be utilized to protect camera film, cigars and other food products that require tube-shaped packaging and protection from moisture and other external elements.

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Product Sheet
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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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1. How does WiseTube® with built-in desiccant flip-top cap realize moisture proof function?
WiseTube® with built-in desiccant flip-top cap has in-built molecular sieve desiccant on the cap which can absorb water vapor. There is no need to attach or install desiccant specially.

2. How does WiseTube® with built-in desiccant flip-top cap ensure air tightness?
WiseTube® with built-in desiccant flip-top cap utilize different material for bottle and bottle cap with innovative molding design. It is able to ensure air tightness without using aluminum foil gasket and also control water vapor transmission.

3. Can the bottle be printed?
Bottle can be printed or labeled.

  • Model: WiseTube® – 8MSDS0001, 8MSDS0002, 8MSDS0003, 8MSDS0004
  • Cap Material: Low Density PE
  • Tube Material: PP
  • Desiccant: 4A Molecular Sieve
  • Cap Size:
    Outer Diameter: 33.0±0.3mm
    Height: 13.6±0.5mm
  • Tube Size:
    Outer Diameter: 31.1±0.2mm
    Height: 48.3±0.5mm
  • Desiccant Net Weight: Net Weight: 2.4~2.8g
  • Standard Packaging:
    Cap: 1000pcs/ctn Paper carton: 370*275*250
    Tube: 500pcs/ctn Paper carton: 370*275*250
    Product label should include following content:
    Manufacturer name
    Product description
    Product quantity per carton
    Product code
    Batch number
    Country of origin
wdt_ID PRODUCT # Combination Cap Diameter (mm) Straight Tube Height (mm) Desiccant Net Weight (g)
1 8MSDS0001 Φ33.0 48.3 2.6
2 8MSDS0002 Φ33.0 63.5 2.6
3 8MSDS0003 Φ33.0 95.0 2.6
4 8MSDS0004 Φ33.0 124.2 2.6
Technical Info
wdt_ID Item Standard
1 Moisture Content (1022℉ / 550℃) ≤3.0%
2 Moisture Absorption Capacity (77°F / 25℃) - RH=20% ≥17%
3 Moisture Absorption Capacity (77°F / 25℃) - RH = 40% ≥19%
6 Shatter Resistant Drop from 1 meter 15 times, plastic shell should not be broken, adsorbent inside should not leak
7 Abnormal Toxicity No abnormal toxicity