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From: $187.60
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Wisemini Aihua paper desiccant sachet/packet is a compact desiccant especially designed for small moisture-proof packaging applications. The sachets contain either white silica gel or orange indicating silica gel. Both have excellent absorption abilities, stable performance, are harmless to the touch and non-toxic. The indicating silica gel will change from an orange color to a light green after absorption capacity has been reached and signifies that the silica needs to be replaced. Aihua paper has good ventilation and is highly transparent so that the silica gel color change can clearly be seen. This type of paper is widely used for in vitro diagnostic reagents as well.

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Product Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Diagnostic Reagent Desiccant-video Wisesorbent Technology

1. What is Aihua Paper?
Aihua paper is an inhouse developed non-woven and transparent material. This not only allows the desiccant material to be seen throughout the entire sachet, but also high breathability as well.

2. What type of ink do you use?
Our Wisemini Desiccant Sachets all utilize FDA approved water based ink and are non-toxic. Additionally, no ink is printed on the desiccant bag edges leading to higher strength edges.

3. How do you seal your desiccant sachets?
Each Wisemini Aihua Paper Desiccant utilizes an ultrasonic seal, this seal is unique as it only utilizes sound waves and does not use any sort of glue. The transparency in the middle allows cutting machines to scan and detect where to cut and then later dispense the desiccant properly.

4. How many sizes do you have in total?
There are 5 different standardized sizes of Wisemini Aihua Paper Desiccant ranging from 0.5-5g.

5. Why use white silica gel together with indicator gel?
White Silica Gel, when compared to other types of silica gel, has the highest overall adsorption rate while orange indicator gel allows you to see when the desiccant needs to be replaced or has absorbed all the humidity it can fully.

6. What type of products should use Wisemini Aihua Paper Desiccant?
Wisemini Aihua Paper Desiccant bags are great for small style packaging for medical products and diagnostic reagents. Anything that needs to be protected and be safe from humidity while also needing to test certain parameters needs to be accurate, and the transparency and indicator gel ensures the people who use them that the readings are correct.

  • Model: Wisemini
  • Absorbent: Indicating Silica Gel, White Silica Gel
  • Avail Weights: 0.5g, 1g, 2g, 3g, 5g, 8g, 10g
  • Seal Style: Back Sealing
  • Packing Materials: Aihua Paper
  • Form: Bags/Packets


wdt_IDProduct No.Spec.size (mm)width"Length"Seal TypeSmall PackageMedium PackageLarge Package
12IOAH0001E+AC0-2018Aihua Paper 0.5g Orange and White Silica Gel Desiccant16x340,000,00Back seal600Pcs/PE bag2500Pcs/foil pouch10000Pcs/4foil pouch /CTN
22IOAH0002E+AC0-2018Aihua Paper 1g Orange and White Silica Gel Desiccant19x420,000,00Back seal300Pcs/PE bag1750Pcs/foil pouch7000Pcs/4foil pouch /CTN
32IOAH0003E+AC0-2018Aihua Paper 2g Orange and White Silica Gel Desiccant22x500,000,00Back seal150Pcs/PE bag1000Pcs/foil pouch4000Pcs/4foil pouch /CTN
42IOAH0004E+AC0-2018Aihua Paper 3g Orange and White Silica Gel Desiccant26x600,000,00Back seal100Pcs/PE bag750Pcs/foil pouch3000Pcs/4foil pouch /CTN
52IOAH0005E+AC0-2018Aihua Paper 5g Orange and White Silica Gel Desiccant26x750,000,00Back seal60Pcs/PE bag500Pcs/foil pouch2000Pcs/4foil pouch /CTN

Indicating Silica Gel is comprised of a naturally occurring mineral silicon dioxide that is purified and processed into a beaded form. When the beads are dry, they appear yellow/orange in color, and when they have become saturated with moisture to about 15% by weight, the beads will change to a green color. This type of indication enables users to visually confirm when the desiccant needs to be replaced or regenerated.

In this chart we can easily see that indicating silica gel has similar absorption ability with A type silica gel, at the same time it can change color when absorbing the humidity.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

These files are password protected, request password

Technical Standard

AppearanceThe surface of desiccant bag should be no damage, paper formation, no significant color; printing to be clear, no stains
Water ratio≤4.0%(180℃)
moisture absorption ability 25±2℃RH =20±2% – ≥10.5%
moisture absorption ability 25±2℃RH =50±2% – ≥22.0%
moisture absorption ability 25±2℃RH =90±2% – ≥34.0%
Anti-dropping capabilityDrop from the height of 1.2 meters for 5 times, the absorbent bags do not burst or produce damage that can cause absorbent leakage.
Decoloration testThe soaking solution shall be colorless
Total residue of solvent≤5mg/m2
Benzene solvent residueNot be detected
The fluorescence of paper bagNo flake fluorescence
Total number of bacteria(each/cfu)≤1000
The number of mold and yeast (each/cfu)≤100
Escherichia coliNot be detected