WiseSheet Desiccant Sheet
Desiccant Sheet with Adhesive

WiseSheet is a plastic sheet with a desiccative function. Desiccant particles and polymer particles are integrated together and then shaped into thin pieces. The sheet has an adhesive side to have it fixed to the product package. Sheet thickness is usually between 0.2-0.6mm.

Product Information

Model: Wisesheet DTP06502, DTP06503,DTE06003,DTE06006,

Raw Material: Polymer Particles and Molecular Sieve

Grammage: 260 g/㎡
Thickness: 0.2mm

Grammage: 390 g/㎡
Thickness: 0.3mm

Grammage: 350 g/㎡
Thickness: 0.3mm

Grammage: 700 g/㎡
Thickness: 0.6mm

Standard Packaging:
Available upon Request

Product label should include the following content:
Manufacturer name
Product description
Product quantity per carton
Product code
Batch number
Country of origin

Tensile Strength Transverse ≥21.0 ≥34.0 ≥21.0 ≥3.0
≥N/mm Longitudinal Direction ≥2.5 ≥3.5 ≥2.5 ≥3.5
Appearance The surface of the dry sheet shall be clean and tidy without obvious color difference, and shall not have defects such as perforation, foreign matter, peculiar smell, adhesion, separation between composite layers, obvious damage, bubbles, wrinkles, dirt, etc
Total Solvent Residue ≤5.0
mg/ m2
Benzene Residue Not Detectable
mg/ m2
Moisture Absorption Capacity (25℃) - RH40% DTP06502 DTP06503 DTE06003 DTE06006
≥21.0 ≥34.0 ≥21.0 ≥45.0
Total Bacteria Count(cfu) ≤1000CFU/100cm2
Total Yeast and Mold Count(cfu) ≤1000CFU/100cm2
*Abnormal Toxicity No Abnormal Toxicity
Width mm(50~900) ≤200mm ±1.5
>200mm ±2.0
Length Per Roll m 500±10
E.COLI Not Detectable