Wisetube Tube with Flip Top Cap


This Desiccative functional tube is strong and durable. The desiccant itself is built into the flip-top cap and is easy to use, it prevents healthcare and pharmaceutical product from moisture damage and extends shelf-life. This type of desiccant tube is widely used for medicinal tablet packaging and other pharmaceutical packaging. It can also be utilized to protect camera film, cigars and other food products that require tube shaped packaging.

Product Information

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Diagnostic Reagent Desiccant-video Wisesorbent Technology

  • Model: Wisetube
  • Material: PP/PE
  • Desiccant Type: Desiccant built into the flip-top cap
  • Size: Standard size and custom made size.
wdt_ID Specification Height Spring Diameter (mm) Tube Diameter (mm) Desiccant weight Cap Diameter (mm) Tube weight (g) Cap weight (g) Material
1 9MSSC1001 84 30 29 34 8.2 5.4 2.3~2.5 PP
2 9MSSC1002 99 30 29 34 9.5 5.4 2.3~2.5 PP
3 9MSSC1003 133 30 29 34 10 5.4 2.3~2.5 PP
4 9MSSC1004 144 30 29 34 12 5.4 2.3~2.5 PP
  • The special designed flip-top cap fit perfectly and restricts the water vapor through the seal.
  • The built-in desiccant can fully absorb the moisture and prevent damage.
  • Eliminates the need for loose desiccant and speeds workflow.
  • This product is an ideal choice for the automated filling production line.