Wisesorb Dehumidifier Shockproof Dry Storage Box

Wisesorb Dehumidifier Shockproof Dry Storage Box 28.5L
With Hygrometer - 28.5L Case For Digital Gadgets


Product Information

  • Moisture dust mold proof: Protect electronics cameras lenses disks or tea paper cigarettes etc.
  • Control humidity easily: Sealed and airtight, built-in a hygrometer and four silica gel desiccant bags, not renewable.
  • 28.5L capacity container can: Accommodate to 2 DSLR cameras and 6 lenses, along with other gadgets.
  • Extra shockproof storage: Attached a sponge foam to keep digital gadgets shockproof.
  • Easy to clean and move around, portable with the adjustable shoulder belt attached.
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