Wisesorb Moisture Odor Absorber Packet Adhesive Backing

Wisesorb Moisture Odor Absorber Desiccant Packet
With Adhesive Backing Patented Desiccant Bag


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Product Information

Wisesorbent is US-based global manufacturer and retailer of high-quality desiccant packaging material with focuses on Moisture proof and Active Packaging Solution.

Our premium quality desiccant bag raw material is Pure and Safe material.
Desiccant packet packed with high-quality Uncoated Tyvek from Dupont it has strong absorption ability.
This stickable desiccant already patented and we applied the unique formula.
Our R&D team also developed multiple packing materials that have higher moisture absorption ability than average coated paper.
The manufacturing facility is able to produce more than 300000Pieces of a variety of different desiccant packets per day.

Multiple Use

This stickable packet can help you protect and Eliminate Odor Humidity from your daily item, you can stick this product any high humid place and also help you keep your items Fresh and Dry.

Additional Protection for Your Valuable Items

Guns, Ammo, Canister, Collectables, Jewelry, Documents, Camera Lens, Clothes, Cosmetics, Books, Travel & Gym Bags, Decorations, etc these listed items easily affected by Humid Air and Moisture, stickable moisture absorption Packet also helps you resolve your problem.

Instant Saver

This small stickable desiccant bag helps you Easily save your wet electronic device such as wet cell phone, Camera, Watches, Electronics, Shoes, & Windshield.

Our Product and Service Guarantee

Our Desiccant Packing Tyvek is the Highest Quality in the Industry for Moisture Absorption.
We have product patent we also guarantee there is no leakage after the absorption.
Our Goal is Safe and High-Quality Desiccant with Guarantee 100% Satisfaction.

Premium Quality Patented Material

Safe desiccant material ensures never leakage and contamination after the absorption.

New Adhesive Technology

This product contains special high adsorbent powder, you don’t have to worry water leakage, there is no water and any leakage during the absorption process, this powder becomes solid hard stone after the absorption.

Strong Moisture Absorption Ability

Our moisture absorption packets with adhesive backing are applied patented formula desiccant packet packed with high-quality Uncoated Tyvek from Dupont, This packaging material is very strong; it is difficult to tear, but water vapor can pass through very easily it has strong breathability, Silica Gel packaged in Tyvek can adsorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture and has one of the highest absorption capacities.

Multiple Size Range

Our desiccant bags with adhesive backing have multiple dimensions and multiple sizes such as 10gram per pack 25gram, 50gram and 100gran per pack,you can choose the size based on your room and closet, it can meet with different type of consumer needs, help you add additional protection to your valuable items that need to eliminate odor and prevent mold and mildew in humid air 20

Years of Desiccant Manufacturing Experience

We have fully automized desiccant packet and packaging machine manufacturing facility that located in Marlton NJ.