WiseSorbent® Active Mineral Series Desiccants
Chemical Absorption Desiccant/Absorber

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From: $55.00
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Chemical absorption absorbs the moisture by a chemical reaction and it usually has a bigger absorption rate than physical absorption but it has a higher requirement for packaging material in case of leakage of liquid water.

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  • Model: Wisesorbent
  • Avail weight: 50g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g
  • Absorbent: Active Mineral Substance
  • Packing Materials: Coated Nonwoven
  • Form: Bags/Packets
wdt_ID Product No. Spec. Size (mm) Width" Length" Print Packaging
2 2MDVNII0001 Non-woven 50g Active Mineral Desiccant 78x110 3.071 4.724 30052S 280Pcs/4 PE bags/CTN
3 2MDVNII0002 Non-woven 100g Active Mineral Desiccant 98×130 3.858 5.512 30052S 140Pcs/4 PE bags/CTN
4 2MDVNII0003 Non-woven 200g Active Mineral Desiccant 105×190 4.134 7.48 30052S 72Pcs/4 PE bags/CTN
5 2MDVNII0004 Non-woven 300g Active Mineral Desiccant 150×180 5.906 7.48 30052S 48Pcs/4 PE bags/CTN
6 2MDVNII0005 Non-woven 500g Active Mineral Desiccant 150×210 5.906 9.055 30052S 32Pcs/4 PE bags/CTN

The main material for this type of desiccant is active mineral, its absorbing ability much higher than A type silica Gel and Montmorillonite. Although in this chart Its absorbing capacity not high as Magnesium Salts and Calcium Chloride but its high value with a competitive price well received by consumers.