HIC-1 Cobalt Chloride – Blue to Red
Humidity Indicator Card

WisePac® Humidity Indicator Card is a card that precisely shows the humidity rate in a closed environment designed especially for industrial use. It has a wide moisture test range (8%~90%) and the color on indicating point is reversible. Standard spec including singular point (8%), 3 points (10%~30%), 6 points (10%~60%), and 9 points (10%~90%). Customizable products are also available. We also provide 3 series of product to satisfy all customer needs: Cobalt Chloride – Blue to Red, Cobalt Free – Brown to Blue, Cobalt Chloride Free – Blue to Red. These cards are applicable to all kinds of electronic parts packages and vacuum environment.

Product Information

wdt_IDProduct NameCodeColor When DryColor When Saturated
1Cobalt Chloride - Blue to RedHIC-1BlueRed
2Cobalt Free - Brown to BlueHIC-4BrownGreen
3Cobalt Chloride Free - Blue to RedHIC-5BlueRed
Technical Standard
1AppearancePaper should be clearly printed, free of stain and breakage
2Indicating DotEvenly and fully dipped in the printed circle
3SensitivityWhen RH is 5%RH lower than the indicated value, the point should be the color when dry. When RH is 5%RH higher than the indicated value, the point should be the color when saturated
wdt_IDProduct No.SpecIndicating Humidity RateSize (mm)Packaging Quantity
17BPNP101HIC1-1-080878%38×512000 pcs/10 tins/ctn
27BPNP102HIC3-1-1030310~30%76×511000pcs/10 tins/ctn
37BPNP103HIC3-1-3050430~50%76×511000pcs/10 tins/ctn
47BPNP104HIC6-1-10601010~60%38×1022000pcs/10 tins/ctn
57BPNP105HIC3-1-051535~15%76×511000pcs/10 tins/ctn
67BPNP106HIC3-1-056035%, 10%, 60%76×511000pcs/10 tins/ctn