Wisepower High Performance Series Desiccants
High-performance desiccant coated with Dupont

From: $67.00

From: $67.00

Our High Performance Series of Desiccants have excellent moisture absorption performance at low humidity (3 to 4 times that of common desiccants). They also boast stable chemical properties, balanced moisture absorption and good absorption performance during high humidity conditions. The coated Dupont paper has the high strength, dust-proof wear resistance, aging-resistance, chemical substance resistance, softness and smoothness of Dupont Paper while also combing the characteristics of a microporous membrane. These include being water-proof, having high ventilation and a high thermal sealing strength so it can effectively prevent dust leakage. It is mainly used to moisture proof and dehumidify industrial packages, mechanical equipment and hardware being used daily.

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1. What makes this desiccant “High Performance”?
These desiccants use a chemical process to absorb moisture and are exponentially stronger than most physical adsorbents even at low humidity rates, higher even than Molecular sieve.

2. What kind of raw material do they use?
Magnesium Chloride is used in our Wisepower High-Performance Desiccants, you can see when the desiccant has become fully saturated when the powder on the backside has become hard and granular.

3. What products can use these High Absorption desiccants?
Any products without any large amounts of metal that are very sensitive to humidity and water benefit greatly from the High-Performance Series such as electronic, camera and computer parts. Automobile manufacturers have also used it to prevent water from accumulating inside car headlights.

4. What packaging material does it use?
This desiccant uses laminated Tyvek with a transparent window on the back along with adhesive stick capability.

5. How do you prevent leaks from the transparent area?
There are actually two layers of material, one holding the desiccative material and another outer layer, in this way even at maximum saturation the bag cannot rupture.

  • Model: Wisesorbent
  • Avail Weight: 2g,5g,10g,25g,50g,100g
  • Absorbent: Magnesium Salt
  • Packing Materials: Coated Dupont Paper
  • Form: Bags/Packets
wdt_IDProduct No.Spec.Width"Length"Seal Type
14MCTF0001-20182g High Performance Desiccant1.9692.953Four side seal
24MCTF0002-20185g High Performance Desiccant1.9693.937Four side seal
34MCTF0003-201810g High Performance Desiccant3.1503.937Four side seal
44MCTF0004-201825g High Performance Desiccant3.9375.906Four side seal
54MCTF0005-201850g High Performance Desiccant4.7245.906Four side seal
64MCTF0006-2018100g High Performance Desiccant5.9066.693Four side seal


In this chart, we can easily see that magnesium salt has a very steady absorbing ability, its absorption ability much higher than Active Mineral and slightly close to Calcium Chloride.

Technical Standard
1AppearanceThe surface is clean and neat, free of damage. Printing is clear and accurate
2Moisture Absorption Capacity (77℉/25℃) - RH=20%≥40%
3Moisture Absorption Capacity (77℉/25℃) - RH=50%≥70%
4Moisture Absorption Capacity (77℉/25℃) - RH=90%≥200%
5Water Permeability Test (77℉/25℃, RH=90%)No liquid leak on the surface of product package