WiseSorbent® Activated Carbon Deodorant
Physical Absorption Desiccant, Absorbent

From: $54.45

From: $54.45

Active carbon deodorants are for industrial packaging and use high strength filter paper (1g -30g) or coated non-woven fabrics (50g-500g) as packing material and uses activated carbon as its main adsorbent and deodorizer. The coconut shell derived active carbon adsorbent has a large surface area, high strength, uniform particle size, a well-developed pore structure, strong adsorption performance and is easy to regenerate and reuse. Coconut shell-based active carbon is non-toxic and odorless that is used in both water purification and air purification. The high strength filter paper used has a breathability characteristic very similar to that of non-woven fabrics, it is also dust-proof like paper and like plastic does not allow for mildew growth. It has great overall tensile strength, excellent sealing strength and good permeability containing no hazardous materials. It is a great choice for packaging active carbon due to its heavy weight.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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1. What type of products benefit from utilizing Active Carbon Deodorants?
Active Carbon Deodorants are needed throughout the Industrial world. Any areas within a factory setting that need water to be filtered benefit from Active Carbon along with machinery or products that produce foul odors.

2. Do you only use Verna Paper for your packaging materials?
No, we also are able to produce the same quality desiccants with other packaging materials such as our high strength and non-woven Tyvek paper.

3. I need a larger/smaller size than what you have listed here, can it be produced?
Yes, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to work together with you to create a size suitable to your needs.

4. How long does Active Carbon Deodorant typically last for?Typically this is dependent on whether you are using it for water filtration or deodorization. Around 3 months when filtering water and up to 6 months when deodorizing. This also varies on the volume or overall size of the area being deodorized.

5. How do you ensure no dusting occurs from the Activated Carbon?

Our activated carbon is made of 100% coconut shell which has a dusting rate of under 5%, additionally both our Verna and Tyvek packaging materials have been engineered to reduce this dusting rate even further.

  • Model: Wisesorbent
  • Avail Weight 1g, 2g, 3g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 30g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 300g
  • Absorbent: Activated carbon
  • Packing Materials: High strength filter paper or compounding nonwoven
  • Form: Bags
wdt_ID Product No. Spec. width" Length" Seal Type Small Package Meduim Package Large Package
1 3ACCN0001E-2018 Nonwoven paper 1g Activated Carbon 1.181 1.969 Three Side Seal 300Pcs/Bag 1200Pcs/Bag 4800Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
2 3ACCN0002E-2018 Nonwoven paper 2g Activated Carbon 1.378 2.362 Three Side Seal 150Pcs/Bag 750Pcs/Bag 3000Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
3 3ACCN0003E-2018 Nonwoven paper 3g Activated Carbon 1.772 2.756 Three Side Seal 100Pcs/Bag 600Pcs/Bag 2400Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
4 3ACCN0004E-2018 Nonwoven paper 5g Activated Carbon 1.772 3.15 Three Side Seal 60Pcs/Bag 400Pcs/Bag 1600Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
5 3ACCN0005E-2018 Nonwoven paper 10g Activated Carbon 2.362 3.15 Three Side Seal 30Pcs/Bag 180Pcs/Bag 720Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
6 3ACCN0006E-2018 Nonwoven paper 20g Activated Carbon 2.362 4.724 Three Side Seal 15Pcs/Bag 90Pcs/Bag 360Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
7 2ACCN0000E-2018 Non-woven 30g Activated Carbon 3.071 3.937 Back Seal 10Pcs/Bag 70Pcs/Bag 280Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
8 2ACF3320001E-2018 Non-woven 50g Activated Carbon 3.071 4.724 Back Seal 6Pcs/Bag 50Pcs/Bag 200Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
9 2ACF3320002E-2018 Non-woven 100g Activated Carbon 3.858 5.516 Back Seal 1Pcs/Bag 25Pcs/Bag 100Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
10 2ACF3320003E-2018 Non-woven 200g Activated Carbon 4.134 7.874 Back Seal 1Pcs/Bag 12Pcs/Bag 48Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
11 2ACF3320004E-2018 Non-woven 300g Activated Carbon 5.906 7.874 Back Seal 1Pcs/Bag 8Pcs/Bag 32Pcs/4Bag/PE/CTN
Technical Standard
Item Standard
Appearance Clean and tidy surface, No damage, pollution-free
Water ratio, %(150℃) ≤10
Ashes, %(650℃) ≤5
Apparent density, g/L 450~500
PH Value 7~10
Methylene blue adsorption capacity, ml/0.1g(mg/g) ≥100
Iodine sorption value, mg/g ≥600
Carbon tetrachloride absorbing capacity, % ≥27
Qualified Size Ratio,% ≥90
Dust>100g ≤0.3mg/g
Drop Test No damage occurred when the desiccant bag is dropped from a height of 3 meters over 15 times.