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Wisepower High Absorption Desiccants
Chemical Absorption Desiccant

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From: $43.00
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The card-type packaging of our High Absorption Desiccants can effectively prevent desiccant moisture accumulation at the bottom of the bag after all moisture has been absorbed. This prevent excess pressure at the bottom and lowers the risk of leakage.

The good breathability of the composite non-woven fabric can ensure the desiccant can be effective for a long time and absorb moisture in an environment efficiently. Most importanty, transparent stretching film on the back allows the moisture adsorption process to be observed. High Absorption desiccants are used for the moisture proofing and dehumidification of industrial packaging, instruments, meters, housing and even home furniture.

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Product Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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1. What makes this desiccant “High Absorption”?
These desiccants use a chemical process to absorb moisture and are exponentially stronger than most physical adsorbents like silica gel.

2. What kind of raw material do they use?
Calcium Chloride is used in our Wisepower High Absorption Desiccants, you can see when the desiccant has become fully saturated when the powder on the backside has become hard and granular.

3. What products can use these High Absorption desiccants?
Any products without any large amounts of metal that are being transported in a changing environment (such as by truck or by boat) can benefit greatly from such a strong desiccant. Automobile manufacturers have also used it to prevent water from accumulating inside car headlights.

4. What packaging material does it use?
This desiccant uses laminated Tyvek with a transparent window on the back along with adhesive stick capability.

5. How do you prevent leaks from the transparent area?
There are actually two layers of material, one holding the desiccative material and another outer layer, in this way even at maximum saturation the bag cannot rupture.

  • Model: Wisesorbent
  • Absorbent: Calcium Chloride
  • Specification: 2g,5g,10g,25g,50g,100g
  • Sealing style: Vacuum Sealing
  • Packing Materials: Coated Nonwoven and Nylon Membrane
wdt_IDProduct No.Spec.Width"Length"Large Package
14HAEP2001-20182g2.3623.1502400Pcs/Double PE /CTN
24HAEP2002-20185g2.3623.9371200Pcs/Double PE/ CTN
34HAEP2003-201810g3.1504.724900Pcs/Double PE /CTN
44HAEP2004-201825g3.1505.906500Pcs/Double PE /CTN
54HAEP2005-201850g4.7245.906200Pcs/Double PE /CTN
64HAEP2006-2018100g6.2997.874100Pcs/Double PE /CTN

high absorption series chart

It’s Non-toxic and odorless. High moisture absorption ability up to 270% .in this chart we can easily see this type of desiccant has the highest absorbing ability among the Active Mineral and Magnesium Salts.

Technical Standard
Item IndexStandard
AppearanceClean and tidy surface, No damage
Moisture absorption rate(25℃)RH=50%≥100%
Moisture absorption rate (38℃) RH=90%≥350%
Absorption Speed (38℃, RH=90%)≥20%
Permeability Test(25℃, RH=90%)No liquid exudation on the surface