Cold Form Blister Desiccant Foil

Wisepac Cold Form Blister Desiccant Foil
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Our Desiccative Aluminum foil is available in a variety of formats, two mainstays being the Cold Form Blister Desiccant Foil and Aluminum Lidding Foil. Tablets and capsules are protected by our desiccative aluminum foil on top via the stamped Cold Form Blister Foil and underneath by our lidding foil. The lidding foil comes in senior-friendly varieties, peel off, peel-push and push through as well. When combined you have a convenient method for opening along with innovative protection of your medical products from external elements while absorbing moisture from within. The desiccative properties of our Blister Desiccant Foil are comparable to Silica Gel and like all cold form laminated aluminum film; we protect your products completely from both oxygen and water allowing for an extended product expiry date.

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1. What makes your Blister Foil different from others?
Not only do we protect your products from moisture, oxygen and light like other cold form blister foils but also protect the inside from moisture and water that can develop inside the packaging when stored in a cool dark place (ie. Medicine cabinets, drawers, etc.).

2. Why use this Blister Foil instead of a seethrough plastic blister?
When using our Cold form Desiccative foil, you dramatically increase the shelf life of your product, more so than traditional Cold Form foils as well.

3. What prevents the desiccant from affecting the medication?
Through our patented lamination process, our desiccant film is found inside the aluminum film while your product only comes into contact with a harmless layer of PE film.

4. So I can use both of your foils for one product?
Yes, the Blister foil is used as the lidding or mold for your products, while the Lidding foil is found on the bottom or where the medication is opened.

5. Can your Lidding Foil be both Senior-Friendly and Child-Proof?
Yes, our Lidding foil can be non-strenuous to open so that seniors do not have trouble accessing their medicine, but also can have a two-step process, preventing children from opening it accidentally.

6. Are your Lidding Foils comparable to standards being used on the market currently?We carry 3 standard of Lidding foil that adhere to the most common adhesive strengths and sizes of those lidding foils currently found on the market, and can be customized if need be.

3Moisture Adsorption Capacity(25℃)- RH40%g/m2≥4.5≥4.5
4Tensile Strength - HorizontalN/mm≥5.0≥5.0
5Tensile Strength - VerticalN/mm≥5.0≥5.0
6Thermal Adhesive StrengthN/mm≥0.8≥0.8
7Peel StrengthN/mm≥0.4≥0.4
8Total Solvent Residue (No benzene residue)mg/m2≤2.0≤2.0
11Number of joints per rollpc≤1≤1