wisepac aluminum lidding foil

Wisepac Desiccant Film
Aluminum Film with Desiccant Function

Wisefilm Aluminum Film with Desiccant Function integrates a polymer drying film with desiccant functionality to create a desiccant moisture absorbing film laminate. The outer layer is made of a high barrier polymer plastic aluminum film and the inner layer contains drying and moisture absorption functionality. These are laminated by advanced composite technology to create a desiccant moisture absorbing film. This is a great way to create moisture-free blister packs, gel packs and other methodologies in the medical and pharmaceutical industry that require individual packing.

Product Information

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1. What makes your Aluminum film special?
Unlike other films that only protect products from environmental effects from the outside,
our desiccative aluminum film also keeps out humidity on the inside without the need of a
desiccant bag.

2. How can we use this film?
This film can be utilized with our Powder Packaging machine or with other similar suppliers’
packaging assembly machinery.

3. What type of products use this type of packaging?
Many nupowder-based and powder based medications use these different sized powder
packaging materials. For example, protein powder for gym use or vitamin c powder

4. What benefit does keeping moisture out of these bags provide?
Many powders have a tendency to “clump” and become unusable over time. Our Desiccative
Aluminum Film keep these powders fresh and increase their overall shelf life.

5. How can I order this product now?
Unlike many of our other products which can be purchased directly from our website, please
fill out the custom order form on this product page and we can put you in contact with one
of our sales managers directly for the best deal possible.

  • Model: Wisefilm
  • Internal Layer: Polymer Plastic Membrane
  • External Shell: Polymer Plastic Aluminum Embrane (High Resistance)
  • Classification: Wisefilm is Divided into MA070201 and MA100201
Technical Standard

wdt_ID ITEM Unit CDFA0001 CDFA0002
1 Size/Thickness mm 0.10±0.02 0.12±0.02
2 Weight g/m2 135.0±10.0 145.0±10.0
3 Moisture Adsorption Capacity(25℃)- RH40% g/m2 ≥4.5 ≥5.0
4 Tensile Strength - Horizontal N/mm ≥3.5 ≥3.5
5 Tensile Strength - Vertical N/mm ≥3.5 ≥3.5
6 Thermal Adhesive Strength N/mm ≥0.8 ≥0.8
7 Peel Strength N/mm ≥0.4 ≥0.4
8 Total Solvent Residue (No benzene residue) mg/m2 ≤2.0 ≤2.0
9 Width mm 50~960* 50~960*
10 Length m 1000±10 1000±10
ITEM Unit CDFA0001 CDFA0002

*Width based on customer needs