Tyvek Packed Molecular Sieve Tablet

Tyvek packed molecular sieve tablet achieves a high absorption capacity under a low humidity rate: capable of controlling the humidity rate inside of medical packages under RH 10%. Which can effectively extend shelf life of pills sensitive to a damp environment. The molecular sieve tablet utilizes heat sealing method without glue and prevents dust for improved safety. Utilizing water-based ink for added safety. Our WiseTab also comings in customizable sizes and is Compliant with USP41-NF36.

Product Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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  • Model: Wisetab TBMTY14, TBMTY18
  • Raw Material: 4A molecular sieve powder, 200 mesh
  • Packaging Size: Grammage 1.5±0.2g
    Diameter 14.5±0.5mm
    Thickness 7.3±0.3mm
  • Standard Packaging:
    1800pcs/bag (8%HIC)/tin 7200ocs/4 bags/4 tins/ctn
    PE bag size 300×400mm,5s
    Tin size Φ165×160mm
    Sponge mat (Φ160×21mm)
    Paper carton: 350×350×180mm
  • Product label should include following content:
    Manufacturer name
    Product description
    Product quantity per carton
    Product code
    Batch number
    Country of origin
1AppearanceNo dirt, stain or noticeable dust, no perk on the seal. Tablet inside the packing has no crack or breakage.
2Moisture Content550℃≤3%
3Moisture Absorption Capacity (25±2℃, RH 20%)%≥14%
4Moisture Absorption Capacity (25±2℃, RH 40%)%≥16%
5Total Solvent Residuemg/m2 ≤5
6Benzene ResidueNone detected
8Total Aerobe Countcfu/tablet≤1000
9Total Yeast and Mold Countcfu/tablet≤100
10E.COLINone detected