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Wisecan Desiccant Canister
Desiccant Canister

From: $273.00

From: $273.00
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Wisecan desiccant canister is a class of desiccant products with a mesh type plastic cover and cylindrical body. The top of the canister cover and the bottom of the cylinder contain the mesh structure as its packaging material. Silica gel desiccant is used as an adsorbent and the top can be opened via a twisting motion. The mesh cover ensures that the raw materials do not touch or damage raw products and ensure consistent moisture absorption. The cylindrical shape allows for easy implementation into any production line. Overall a great choice for larger medical products in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

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Product Information

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1. What is the Wisecan Desiccant Canister made out of?
The shell of the canister is made of PP plastic, the raw material is White Silica Gel and the text is
produced via laser engraving.

2. What are the meshes on the top and bottom used for?
The mesh structure on both the top and bottom of the canister are used to ensure a more consistent moisture absorption rate. They absorb at a faster rate and last longer.
3. Is it better than standard desiccant bags?
Due to its safer canister design and faster absorption rate it can be considered superior, but also
is slightly more expensive overall in bulk as a result.

4. Can you automatically dispense Wisecan Canisters?
With any dispensing machine from Wisesorbent or other suppliers, our capsules are able to be
dispensed automatically very easily.

5. What sets your canister apart from similar products?
Our canister uses mesh liners on the top and bottom (many suppliers may only have it on top or not at all) and also instead of ink we use laser engraving technology to print on our canisters. This is safer than ink and has no chance of runoff.

  • Model: Wisecan
  • Absorbent: Silica Gel
  • Avail Weights: 1g, 2g, 3g
  • Seal Style: Unscrewing Sealing
  • External Shell: White Plastic Shell
  • Form: Canister
1 6SGPL2001 1g WISECAN DESICCANT CANISTER 0.551″/ 14mm 0.709″/ 18mm 7000 UNITS / 2 TINS / CTN
2 6SGPL2002 2g WISECAN DESICCANT CANISTER 0.768″/ 19.5mm 0.614″/ 15.6mm 5000 UNITS / 2 TINS / CTN
3 6SGPL2003 3g WISECAN DESICCANT CANISTER 0.768″/ 19.5mm 1.004″/ 25.5mm 3600 UNITS / 2 TINS / CTN

In this chart, we can easily see that the giving condition under the room temperature and humidity rate is higher than 37%: white silica gel (A Type Silica Gel) absorbing ability is higher than the molecular sieve, Montmorillonite and Indicating Silica Gel.

Wisecan Desiccant Canister Standard

*Silica Gel Complies with USP41-NF36
*Shell Material PP