Powder Packaging Machine

A New Standard of Powder Packaging Machine

The WisePac® Powder Packaging Machine brings a new standard to powder packaging. With 4 dispensary augers optimized with an innovative cooling system and shoulder forming system, powder material is inserted seamlessly into the packaging material of your choosing. This machine works great with our new desiccative aluminum film or any other packaging material tailored to your needs. The shoulder forming system itself has been improved from our previous models having been shortened to reduce pressure and overall heat the machine produces. Depending on the size of packaging created, each feeder can produce packages from 40 to 120 packages per minute.

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Basic Info

With the newly created systematically optimized cooling system and shoulder forming system, Wisepac® Powder Packaging Machine prevents powder material from sticking to the inner screws. And the forming shoulder system and feeder screws have been shortened to reduce pressure.


1.  How many feeder screws does this machine have?
This machine utilizes 4 feeding screws.

2. How do you ensure constant use and prevent overheating?
Our water cooling system reduces overall heat and ensures powder materials are not effected by high temperatures or contaminated.

3. Why are your screw feeders shorter than average?
This prevents overall pressure and heat during the powder dispensing process and at the same times allows powders to be dispensed at a more rapid pace.

4. This is described as a powder packaging machine but can it be used to dispense liquids as well?
Yes, with minimal modification, liquids can be dispensed too.

5. Do I have to use your Desiccant Aluminum Film with this machine?
Although our Desiccant Aluminum Film is one of the best films on the market in terms of quality and functionality, you can use ordinary powder packaging materials as well.

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