HIC-5 Cobalt Chloride Free – Blue to Pink

Easy to monitor humidity

WiseHIC® Humidity Indicator Card is a card that precisely shows the humidity rate in a closed environment designed specially for industrial use. We provide 3 series of product to satisfy all customer needs: Cobalt Chloride – Blue to Red, Cobalt Free – Brown to Blue, Cobalt Chloride Free – Blue to Red. These card are applicable to all kinds of electronic parts packages and vacuum environment. Customizable products are also available.

HIC-5 Cobalt Chloride Free – Blue to Pink

  • Customizable indicating humidity rate.
  • High accuracy at ±5%.
  • Wide moisture indicating range.
  • Flat and compact, easy to use anywhere.
  • Compliant to MIL-I-8835A.
WiseHIC Humidity Indicator Card - HIC-1
WiseHIC Humidity Indicator Card - HIC-4
WiseHIC Humidity Indicator Card - HIC-5

HIC-1 Cobalt Chloride - Blue to Pink

SKU Spec Indicating Humidity Rate Bag Dims (mm/in) TDS Container Bags/Container QTY 1 2-3 4+ Quantity Action
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