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The rapid development of the global economy has brought about more business transactions and marine container transportation is one of the biggest sectors in the industry. Every day, tens of thousands of ships come and go by sea, but this traditional mode of transport has to face its own problems concerning storage. So we have developed five kinds of products with different specifications to address dampness issues affecting medical and health products.


Container desiccant Packs:

  • 1*2 continuous packages
  • 1*8 continuous packages
  • 2*4 continuous packages
  • 3*4 continuous packages
  • 4*6 continuous packages

Advantages of Our Container Desiccants

Due to the temperature difference between night and day in marine transportation, container rain will develop. The innovative desiccants we have developed will offer strong resistance against container rain, which will effectively solve the powder agglomeration, package damage, mouldiness, corrosion, label peeling and bending issues whilst providing a safe and dry environment for goods transportation.

Flexible: five container desiccants packs with different specifications with flexible application methods, customized for the special structure of a container.

Container Desiccant Products

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