Pharmaceutical and Health Care Industry

Sorbent Desiccant System Solutions

With the ever-changing pursuit of longer health and life expectancy, pharmaceutical and healthcare products have developed rapidly. But product dampness has become a tough problem to navigate. Many pharmaceutical and healthcare products easily get spoiled in a damp environment. This includes expansion, deformation, fracturing and dissolution which will greatly reduce the medicinal effect and guarantee life and exert unfavorable influence on the manufacturer and the consumers. Therefore, we have developed a multitude of products which solve the potential issues of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Pharmaceutical and Health Care Industry
Packing materials with a pharmaceutical-grade, safe non-toxic adsorbent, unique sealing style and advanced printing method, we satisfy the customers with safe and well-guaranteed products.

Advantages of Our Sorbent Desiccant System Solutions

Putting desiccants inside packages of pharmaceutical and health care products has become an effective method to ensure the guaranteed expiry periods of pharmaceutical and health care products by creating a dry environment for the manufacture, storage and transportation of said products. We are aiming at providing the pharmaceutical and health care product industry with comprehensive moisture-proof solutions with our powerful R&D and industry experience.

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