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Looking to the Future, with Wisepac in Our Heart

On this day, Wisepac reaches her 20th anniversary. 20 years with a history of striving is the result of the collective effort of all shareholders, management, leaders, employees, as well as those families and friends who support the growth of Wisepac. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart! And special thanks to all our clients, thank you for your trust and companionship along the way! 

So far we have completed the installation of the most crucial equipment for WisesorbNano Inner Mongolia, laying a solid foundation for smooth production by the end of the year. 20 years of hardship, 20 years of development, 20 years of undivided focus, 20 years with no regret and no complaining. I’ve invested all my time and passion to realize my initial dream of entrepreneurship.

Fellows, with the growth of Wisepac & the more soils we step on, Wisepac needs more talents to join this grand business. Wisepac is a platform with dreams and causes, every member of Wisepac has the tendency to winning glory for the country. The globalization of Wisepac will always be unflinchingly carried out, in the near future, Wisepac Europe, Wisepac Asia, Wisepac India will all bear fruitful results.

20 years have passed in just the snap of the finger, no grandeur celebration, only a soft goodbye to the past, our focus has now turned towards the present and beyond. Life is short, us being together is predestined, let’s cherish each other, heart by heart, hand by hand, with Wisepac in our heart, give our sincere love, let’s build a better Wisepac, let’s forge ahead and strive for another 20 years.


Steven Shen

Wisesorbent Company News

WiseSorbent – A Supplier Recognized by Bosch

By the end of 2020, Wisesorbent will cooperate with Bosch in order to automate & expand the production of the Covid-19 reagent. 

  • WiseSorbent ‘s products have been approved by Bosch.
  • Wisesorbent cooperating with Bosch to drastically expand the covid-19 reagent production line.

An advanced production line requires reliable equipment to ensure stable quality output. A leading Covid-19 reagent manufacturer-recommended WiseSorbent to Bosch. WiseSorbent previously passed the product audit from Bosch in early 2011 and has officially become the supplier of Bosch’s desiccant cutting and dispensing machine.

Bosch has drawn up a comprehensive expansion plan in order to become one of the largest automatic production line manufacturing bases in the southern hemisphere over the next few years.

Wisesorbent Company News

WiseTube® Built in Desiccant Tube

WiseTube® desiccant tube is an epoch-making innovative product. Different from the traditional method of putting desiccant in the cap, WiseSorbent® molds the special desiccant resin into the inner wall of the tube, so that the inner wall-of the whole tube has a drying function. This design completely solves the problem of desiccant leakage from the top cap, simplifies the complex process of adding desiccant in product packaging, and improves the production efficiency. The large inner surface of desiccant tube has better drying effect and uniformity. The protection effect of Freeze dried powder is better, and extend it’s shelf life.

  • Desiccant is embedded in tube well, safe and convenient
  • Excellent absorb capacity because of large wall surface
  • No risk of desiccant leakage
  • All products in the tube can be protected from Top to the bottom
Wisesorbent Company News

Patent Review 2020

Wisesorbent® takes patent law very seriously and has recently invited legal counsel to conduct a comprehensive patent review of our entire product range. We are proud to announce that none of our products infringed on existing registered patents.

Over the past 20 years, WiseSorbent® has accumulated 85 patents. We continue to invest a considerable amount of time & energy in innovation and R & D, in order to provide the highest quality outcome for our business partners and their products.

In 2020, we launched a new innovative product: Aluminum Desiccant Film. Our business partners were astonished to find that… Humidity cannot be detected within their product packaging!!

Wisesorbent® prides itself on creating added value for customers, industry, and society in safeguarding products and their packaging.

Wisesorbent Company News

WiseSorbent® Joined the Active and Intelligent Packaging Association (AIPIA)

WiseSorbent® Joined AIPIA on June 16!

WiseSorbent® has been committed to active packaging solutions, which can remove water vapor, oxygen, and other components inside the packaging by adsorption, release, and oxidation to extend the shelf life of products. This is an idea of active protection of contents, so we call this “Active Packaging”.

After 20 years of development, we have successively developed innovative products such as Aluminum Desiccant Film and Cold Form Blister Desiccant Foil and obtained 85 patents. We have become a leading Chinese enterprise to provide active packaging solutions.

WiseSorbent® is pleased to join AIPIA. AIPIA has made great contributions to the active and intelligent packaging industry. They promoted the communication and implementation of many active and intelligent packaging projects and provided a professional communication platform for both supply and demand sides.

Wisesorbent Company News

Ensure Protection & Longevity for COVID19 Diagnostics Solutions

WiseSorbent® provides desiccant solutions to enable protection and longevity for the COVID19 diagnostics solutions.

This time in history as the world faces a pandemic of the coronavirus, at a time of abundant stress and insecurity. It’s likewise a moment in time when the work we do at WiseSorbent® is its most critical.

WiseSorbent® provides desiccant solutions to enable protection and longevity for the COVID19 diagnostics solutions.

During these critical times, we are still in production and prioritize delivering essential supplies of desiccants and other sorbent solutions to the diagnostic companies so they may continue to save more lives.

With operations in the eastern and western hemisphere, WiseSorbent® is rapidly producing – we offer standard and custom sorbent products made mainly from molecular sieve, clay, silica and activated carbon components.

Below are a few of the essential products we are manufacturing for diagnostics:

Molecular Sieve Desiccant Tablet
Aihua Paper Silica Gel Desiccant
Molecular Sieve Desiccant

We’ve instigated a sequence of preventative health procedures for employees and at all of our locations around the world. We are meeting every day, working to recognize additional ways to improve on these procedures. Much of the essential work we do cannot be done from home.

Cheers to all of our team members working hard each day throughout this pandemic, from production to our research team looking for new opportunities to help:

WiseSorbent® desiccant delivery

WiseSorbent® has risen to this challenge – with adaptability, resilience, bravery – and a compassionate heart. We will do our part in getting through this, together.

Wisesorbent Company News

Grand Opening of Production

October 4, 2019 was a special day in the history of WiseSorbent® and all of its members. On Oct. 4th we celebrated the grand opening of production here in New Jersey, USA. We were joined not only by our staff but by shareholders and our customers as well!

Grand Opening of Product Presentation

After showcasing our pharma and diagnostics products we had the pleasure of a few words from our CEO:

Dear Friends,
We get together today to celebrate the opening of production for Wisesorbent, WiseSorbent® focuses on global Active Healthcare Packaging (AHP) market. Some of the major services we provide include; cutting and dispensing integrated solutions for the continuous desiccant strip, and automated packaging solutions.
It has been two years since WiseSorbent® began business. During this time, we received strong support not only from the local government, supplies and friends, but also from our share holders and employees. It is your help and trust that allow us to come to this step. So please accept my most sincere appreciation.

In our past 18 years of operation, we decided in research and development for active packaging material to provide professional products for four major markets. We created value for our customers and won honor for ourselves. Staring today, we will manufacture in the USA, and we will endeavor more to solve complicated problems for our customers offering professional service, rapid delivery, premium quality, as well as competitive pricing, so as to become the global leader for AHP market. When I started 18 years ago, I had nothing but a dream to become the leader of this industry. Following this dream, we devoted all our youth and energy. And today, when I’m standing here. I know it for sure that this dream can be realized and exceeded.

WiseSorbent® has a great dream for the future, as we see the areas where the world needs us, and we see that we can create more value for the world. Green, recyclable and renewable is the future goals we are approaching. We will provide the AHP market with revolutionary products and are developing such products by utilizing active and nano material technology, which will contribute greatly for harmony of human economics and natural environment. This will be a spectacular journey that we should all join together to build our future more glorious and prosperous.”

Steven Shen – CEO
Grand Opening of Product - WiseSorbent® Technology

We would like to thank everyone that took time out of their day to attend the ceremony. WiseSorbent® looks forward to a prosperous future here in New Jersey, US.

Wisesorbent Company News

Diagnostic, Industrial and Shipping Solutions Now Online!

As you may remember earlier on in the year, we had made major updates to our product pages, new photos, new descriptions and new technical documentation all with the goal of ensuring the most up to date and innovative solutions and products from WiseSorbent® were made accessible and understandable to the world. This goal has now become even closer to completion with both the Diagnostic Reagent and Industrial Fields being supplied with solutions and case studies for some of the best uses and combinations of our products and machinery.

The diagnostic reagent world is one of accuracy, safety and making sure loved ones take the right reading at the right time. With our solutions, diagnostic reagent products for diabetics, testing strips and a wide variety of medical devices are accounted for in the solutions described in the link below:

With our molecular sieve or color changing silica gel (which also uses transparent aihua paper) one can devise the best raw material for the job at hand. Have products very sensitive to moisture? Use Molecular sieve of course. Need to see when your desiccant has become saturated? The aihua paper silica gel strips are your best bet! Furthermore, the diabetic world is on the verge of a new age with the new storage capabilities with our desiccant aluminum film. Learn more by diving into the solutions and feel free to contact us directly if you would like to know more!

Meanwhile, the industrial world is full of large scale production and even larger machinery. Protecting those machines has never been easier though with our silica gel based dry breather! On the flip side, we have two new innovative products for the industrial industry, the Wisepower series. Discover how both the High Absorption and High Performance series can help you today! Click the links below and be prepared to see how moisture control can benefit your bottom line!

Lastly, large scale industrial production needs to be shipped out international almost every day, and due to these long arduous shipment routes, some products are damaged in the shipping process. Find out how to avoid these issues and keep products safe with our Shipping container solution!

Wisesorbent Company News

Watch for Wisesorbent: New Ad Campaign!

As our website and company continues to grow, WiseSorbent® has been expanding its outreach into various industries. The nutraceutical industry which is known for having all sorts of different moisture and desiccant solutions is one of them. This is why we are proud to announce a new advertising campaign together with Nutraceuticals World Magazine, the top publication for all nutraceutical products and developments. You can visit them here on their website:


Our first ad will be focusing on our sachet and cutting machine solution in the next issue in March and we will have 5 more over the coming months, a six month campaign with a new announcement each issue! We hope to bring excitement and innovation to the desiccant world and want to spread the word as much as we can!

You can get a sneak peak of the advertisement today here at the end of this article but this isn’t the only announcement we have when it comes to expanding our horizons! At the Interphex show in NYC at the beginning of April we will be on the Front Cover of Pharmaceutical Daily News on day 2 of the show (April 3rd) so make sure to grab a copy and check it out! Interphex is a huge event and everyday we will have an ad in the widely distributed publication along with a press release inside where you can read the latest updates on WiseSorbent® firsthand!

Wisesorbent Company News

The BIG Pharmaceutical Desiccant Update

As promised, 2019 is going to be a big year for Wisesorbent: with over 8 domestic trade show exhibitions, a new remodel for our state-of-the-art production line and new product announcements happening all the time, it is truly exciting. That’s why as we bring January to a close and start off 2019 we are proud to announce our first update to our website’s product line with the “BIG Pharma Desiccant Update”!

These updates apply to our Pharmaceutical and Healthcare line of products especially. Each product in this industry has had new pictures taken, revamped their original look from previous product generations and has new data to show why WiseSorbent® Desiccants are top quality. In addition, some changes are sitewide, feel free to look at some of the new technical data and our new product information format found on every product page!

The redesigned product information tabs are easy to read and filled with the latest information!

Another huge update is a complete revamp of our solutions pages! To coincide with all of our pharmaceutical product updates we have also decided to focus and explain how our services work with our machinery and desiccants. We here at WiseSorbent® pride ourselves in providing service and solutions to our customers no matter what circumstance, we are always willing to work with our clients to provide the best possible outcome. If you’re interested feel free to take a look at our first round of solutions today based on 3 of our pharmaceutical/nutraceutical based dispenser machinery. You can find it under the new “Products and Solutions” tab above and simply click “Pharmaceutical Solutions”.

Which new solution is your favorite?

Stay tuned as we continue to update the website and here on the news page for more of our announcements, and be on the lookout for the next big product update coming very soon!

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