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Back From WestPack: Great Success in the Golden State!

Wisesorbent’s time at WestPack 2019 in Anaheim, California made a big impact on the packaging and desiccant world. Our team was busy throughout the week meeting and greeting visitors to our booth who were interested in a wide variety of what we had to offer and showcase. Naturally, the machines were a big hit and people loved learning about how they worked and that they were running all day long for all the trade show to see and admire. One of the biggest announcements at this show was also the new overhaul of the pharmaceutical desiccant line along with the new innovations coming later this year.

One of our engineers showcasing our machines to trade show attendees

The innovation in question that had the most people thrilled was our aluminum desiccative film that is currently patent pending and will be available for sale later this year. People were amazed, a foil packaging for blister packs that protects medication from both the outside environment and humidity inside the packaging itself? Not only that but it also can be used for powder packaging as well, such vitamin C and protein powders for example, eliminating the need for traditional desiccant bags in the packaging all together! It was amazing to hear about this innovation for many and we will definitely be exploring all its applications as we get closer to launching it to the public very soon.

Being at the tradeshow in California one of the biggest markets in the United States and even the world as a whole, we were visited at our booth by all types of industries. As many know we are very popular with the pharmaceutical, diagnostic reagent and nutraceutical world already. It will be very interesting to see how our moisture solutions can help improve the quality, shelf life and even overall safety of these industires and further and other areas as they evolve and innovate as time goes on.

With 100s of visitors to our booth this year at WestPack 2019 we are glad to have met everyone who came to visit our booth, be sure to stop by the site each week to hear more updates and trade show announcements!

Wisesorbent Company News

West Pack 2019 | Feb 5-7 | Booth #5543

One of the ways we here at WiseSorbent® spread our message of being able to “Absorb Wisely, Rest Assured” is by attending many of the different packaging industry exhibitions each year. In the USA alone, we are planning to attend at least 8 exhibitions in 2019 and if we look towards Europe and Asia that number becomes almost 20! The first exhibition of 2019 in the United States WiseSorbent® will be attending is West Pack in Anaheim California from February 5th to 7th . Feel free to pay us a visit at booth 5543 in Hall A of the Anaheim Convention Center (by the entrance on the Arena side). Here’s a map highlighting our location near said entrance.

Our location in Hall A, the large space on the right is the main Convention space, the far left is floor B1

The blue dot is our location in Hall A, the large space on the right is the main Convention space, the far left is floor B1

Being the first exhibition in the USA for WiseSorbent® in 2019, we plan to start off this year with many exciting new announcements. One of the main highlights at the WiseSorbent® booth will be our showcasing of automated dispensing and cutting machines working in real time with our products. Both our desiccant strips and desiccant canister machines will be available for viewing live on the floor.


Be on the lookout for more details on what our booth has to offer as we get closer to exhibition!

In addition, we will be announcing new technology that will be used in several of our new products this year! Stay tuned to our News center here on Wisesorbent.com as we get closer to the exhibition date to hear more about these exciting new products that are sure to surprise you! So remember, head on out to Anaheim February 5th to the 7th this year or if you can’t make the trip; keep visiting us here at Wisesorbent’s online hub to find out about the latest in moisture proofing automated solutions!

Wisesorbent Company News

WiseSorbent® Domestic and Overseas Exhibition Schedule 2018-2019

# Exhibition Time Place Country Address
1 Supply Side East 2018/4/10-11 Secaucus, NJ US Meadowlands Exposition Center
355 Plaza Drive, Secaucus, NJ 07094
2 INTERPHEX 2018/4/17-19 New York, NY US Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 West 34th Street, New York, NY 10001
3 CPHI 2018/4/24-26 Philadelphia, PA US Pennsylvania Convention Center
Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA
4 ProPak Asia 2018/6/13-16 Bangkok 10400 Thailand Thailand Bangkok International Trade Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
5 AACC Chicago 2018/7/31-8/2 Chicago, IL US McCormick Place
2301 S. King Drive • Chicago, Illinois 60616
6 Vitafoods Asia 2018/9/11-12 Marina Bay Sands Singapore Sands Expo & Convention Centre
7 Pack Expo West 2018/10/14-17 Chicago, IL US McCormick Place
2301 S. King Drive • Chicago, Illinois 60616
8 Supply Side West 2018/11/8-9 Las Vegas, NV US Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino
3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119
9 CPHI India 2018/12/4-6 Mumbai India Unpublished
10 West Pack 2019/2/5-7 Anaheim, CA US Anaheim Convention Center
800 W Katella Avenue, Anaheim CA 92802
Wisesorbent Company News

Brand new start on westpack 2018

2018 is underway, and the Wisesorbent team finishes the WestPack, Anaheim tradeshow with extraordinary success! Wisesorbents protective packaging solutions continue to thrive as one of the main leaders in the world. Alongside our desiccant options, we were thrilled to introduce and display our state-of-the-art powder packaging machine to our customers at the WestPack exhibition. Our powder packaging machine drew much interest from potential customers, and we closed out the exhibition with many inquiries! This is a very positive start.

The highest accomplishment while attending these exhibitions is solving our customers’ problems. Back at the 2016 WestPack exhibition, we met a potential customer that showed interest in our products and shared their packaging issues. After 2 years of constant product improvement of quality, hard work, and customer dedication, we can now officially call this potential customer back in 2016 a secured account of Wisesorbents! We have executed and put in place a contract that is worth more than 10 million dollars – arranging the next delivery date during the visit.

In 2018 we have more than 12 exhibitions ahead of us to continue our growth and serving many industries. While we focus on the stellar design of Wisesorbent’s booth at the tradeshows we attend, it is very important to budget our expenses, to ensure each dollar is well spent. There is a lot of talk amongst people that exhibitions are a waste of time and money when in today’s world, you have the internet readily available for online marketing platforms. While the internet does serve a paramount service being able to reach customers very quickly, it does not display the strength of our company like it does at an exhibition. An exhibition enhances the relationship building between customers and allows industry leaders like Wisesorbent to learn new industry trends, so we can get ready today for tomorrow. Continuous learning and innovation is the foundation that our company firmly believes in.

Every exhibition may not reach the satisfaction we set out to hit, but this is not the entire point of participating in events and exhibitions such as WestPack. It is an opportunity to learn the future market and invest our time and money in this area to always remain a step ahead of our competition.

Wisesorbent Company News

“Interpack 2017” Germany

Following the success of the 2014 Interpack Germany, we are looking forward to the 2017 trip to Germany. As one of the world-class exhibitions that held every three years, Interpack is undoubtedly one of the top gatherings in the packaging industry. In the spirit of providing the highest quality moisture-proof and automated packaging solutions, we also joined this exhibition as one of the exhibitors to better serve our international customers.

The German Interpact is the ultimate exhibition for moisture-proof products.nWiseSorbent® has attended every Interpack since 2005 and look forward to attending many more in the future. Overlooking our 16 years exploration in the packing industry, we are now focused on providing the global market with high-quality moisture proof solutions.

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