Ensure Protection & Longevity for COVID19 Diagnostics Solutions

Wisesorbent provides desiccant solutions to enable protection and longevity for the COVID19 diagnostics solutions.

This time in history as the world faces a pandemic of the coronavirus, at a time of abundant stress and insecurity. It’s likewise a moment in time when the work we do at Wisesorbent is its most critical.

Wisesorbent provides desiccant solutions to enable protection and longevity for the COVID19 diagnostics solutions.

During these critical times, we are still in production and prioritize delivering essential supplies of desiccants and other sorbent solutions to the diagnostic companies so they may continue to save more lives.

With operations in the eastern and western hemisphere, Wisesorbent is rapidly producing – we offer standard and custom sorbent products made mainly from molecular sieve, clay, silica and activated carbon components.

Below are a few of the essential products we are manufacturing for diagnostics:

Molecular Sieve Desiccant Tablet
Aihua Paper Silica Gel Desiccant
Molecular Sieve Desiccant

We’ve instigated a sequence of preventative health procedures for employees and at all of our locations around the world. We are meeting every day, working to recognize additional ways to improve on these procedures. Much of the essential work we do cannot be done from home.

Cheers to all of our team members working hard each day throughout this pandemic, from production to our research team looking for new opportunities to help:

wisesorbent desiccant delivery

Wisesorbent has risen to this challenge – with adaptability, resilience, bravery – and a compassionate heart. We will do our part in getting through this, together.

WiseFresh Fiber Desiccant

Introducing Our New Food Desiccant Wisefresh Fiber Desiccant: FOOD-GRADE

Our new food-grade fiber desiccant utilizes natural plant fiber and is made through a special process. FDA binding food-grade calcium chloride is used as the main moisture absorption material. It has a strong moisture absorption capacity: under 25℃, RH90%. Wisefresh fiber desiccant it is able to absorb more than 50% moisture of its own weight! It can be cut to all shapes and sized: rectangles, squares, circles, and more to fit into bottle caps and modes as you need, easy to use and saves packaging space. It can be used for nutraceutical products and food such as cookies and nuts.

  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Strong Absorption Capacity
    It can absorb more than 50% moisture than of its own weight
  • Special Packing Material
    Special Packing Material
    Utilize porous non-woven paper
  • Solves Leaking
    Non-toxic and non-hazardous, easy to use
  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Customized Weight
    Aside from standard products, you can also customize the component weight yourself
WiseFresh Fiber

Wisemop Rapid Water Absorption

Introducing Our New Diagnostics ProductWisemop Rapid Water Absorption – Liquid Solidifier

Wisemop® Rapid Water Absorption Pack is a product used in labs, medical and diagnostic field to quickly absorb and solidify leaking liquid. It utilizes water-soluble packing material which enables convenient usage of the product without opening the package. This water absorption pack is also capable of absorbing liquid rapidly: it can absorb hundred times of liquid of its own weight in a few minutes (absorption capacity is related to mineral salt concentration in the absorbed solution).

  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Customized Weight
    Aside from standard products, you can also customize the component weight yourself
  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Strong Absorption Capacity
    Capable of absorbing up to 400 times of distilled water of its own weight, or 45 times of saline solution of its own weight
  • Special Packing Material
    Special Packing Material
    Utilize water soluble paper, convenient to use ‒ don’t need to tear open the package
  • Solves Leaking
    Solves Leaking
    Rapidly and effectively solves liquid leaking problem in medical, diagnostic and labs.
  • Solves Leaking
    Non-toxic and non-hazardous, easy to use

New Desiccant Products

Wisesorbent Technology is a worldwide leader in desiccants and moisture-proof solutions. We are continually driven to provide the best products and services advocated by powerful technology. Today you are honored to present to you a few of our new products.

Desiccant Deodorizer Sachet & StripsSilica Gel + Activated Carbon Sachet

Activated Charcoal Silica Gel

Desiccant Deodorizer Sachet & Strips:

Packed with uncoated Tyvek to avoid dusting, WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet and strips utilize premium quality silica gel and coconut activated carbon which allows for a high absorption capacity for moisture and odor. Our WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet and strips retain moisture and odor from the bottle of pills. Our ultrasonic sealing method avoids using glue and prevents desiccant breaking. The WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet is compliant with USP41-NF36.

Desiccant Deodorizer CanisterSilica Gel + Activated Carbon Sachet

Desiccant Deodorizer Canister

Desiccant Deodorizer Canister:

Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canister contains premium quality silica gel and coconut activated carbon which allows high absorption capacity for both moisture and odor. The canister retains moisture from inside of the pill bottle and also absorbs the odor from the pills. A special anti-dust mesh structure prevents activated carbon dust. There is no ink contact due to the laser printing on Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canisters. Making our desiccant canisters compliant with USP41-NF36.

Utilizing Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canister with Wisepac® Canister Dispenser allows for automated manufacturing which improves production efficiency.

Wisecap® Desiccant CapDesiccant Cap Designed for Pharmaceutical Pill Bottles

Wisecap Desiccant Tablet

Wisecap Desiccant Cap:

Wisecap® desiccant cap is specially designed for pharmaceutical pill bottles. The desiccant can be conveniently attached into bottle caps on the the inside without occupying bottle space. They utilize non-toxic silica gel which is physically and chemically stable and PP plastic with fiber paper which prevents desiccant from leaking and shattering. Customized sizes of Wisecap® are available based on a variety of bottle cap sizes. Wisecap® desiccant cap is compliant with USP41-NF36.

WiseTab DesiccantTyvek Packed Molecular Sieve Tablet

Wisetab Desiccant

WiseTab Desiccant:

Tyvek packed molecular sieve tablet achieves a high absorption capacity under a low humidity rate: capable of controlling the humidity rate inside of medical packages under RH 10%. Which can effectively extend shelf life of pills sensitive to a damp environment. The molecular sieve tablet utilizes heat sealing method without glue and prevents dust for improved safety. Utilizing water-based ink for added safety. Our WiseTab also comings in customizable sizes and is Compliant with USP41-NF36.

Major Diagnostic Reagent Desiccant Product Page Update!

At the beginning of February, many of our readers may recall that our Pharmaceutical desiccant product page had overgone a major overhaul. Now we have done the same with our Diagnostic Reagent Industry based desiccants along with a few other major updates to the Pharma page as well! Not only do all of our Diagnostic Reagent based products all have new photos, descriptions, frequently asked questions and relative humidity absorbance percentage charts but we have also made a major overhaul to the look and feel of the page as well! We have also made minor adjustments and improvements to the Pharmaceutical page to match the theme throughout the site. In addition, there are even some new products to be seen on both pages such as the very popular and brand new Desiccant Aluminum Film in various formats, our Powder Packaging Machine (previously only talked about on the solutions page) and fully updated information on our Diagnostic Wisetube series.

Safe to say, there is a lot of new material to see! Further still, we will be creating a new solutions page for our Diagnostic based solutions, such as the optimal usage of our Horizontal Cutting and Dispensing Machine, how to utilize the Desiccant Aluminum Film for Diabetes strip and more to come very soon. What is great about these updates is that it helps people not only understand what Wisesorbent has to offer but also the Desiccant Industry as a whole. Our vision for this website is not just to sell products, but to help those in their respective industries learn why desiccants are so important and helpful to them. Like a famous phrase says: “good things come in small packages”.

So please, have a look at the new page and be sure to check out the site next week as we start rolling out the new solution pages. Up next we are sure to see similar updates for the Industrial and Shipping Container industries too. As always, feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have, especially now with a clearer picture of what we have to offer.

You can visit our new revamped Diagnostic Reagent Product Page here:

What type of products need desiccants?

Whenever we here at Wisesorbent talk about desiccants, we usually bring up 4 main industries: Pharmaceutical, Diagnostic Reagents, Industrial, and Shipping Containers. But many people ask us, what type of products really need desiccants? The simple answer of course is anything that needs moisture protection or humidity control but it can of course get a lot deeper than that. Here is where we can dive into each industry individually and explain why desiccants and their properties are so integral to their packaging process.

In the pharmaceutical world, cleanliness, purity and control are key. Countless regulations ensure that medication and care are administered properly and that also extends to their packaging. For example, have you ever left a bottle of vitamins open (especially the gummy/gelatin variety) and find out that their texture has completely changed? This is due to the humidity found in your household areas: drawers, medicine cabinets, anywhere a cool dark place is, moisture gathers very quickly. Our desiccants can prevent such situations from occurring and also ensure that from factory to the end customer, they are safe and can be administered properly. If you think your cabinet has humidity going through it one can only imagine a hot factory buzzing throughout the day, a truckload of boxes filled with hundreds of identical boxes stacked on top of one another, its bound to be hot in these areas even in the coldest seasons. Thus, we ensure our desiccants are dispensed properly, sealed until being added to each package. In fact, even our cutting and dispensing machines have dry-box technology to make sure the atmospheric conditions are perfect during the entire process.

Pharmaceutical Health Care Desiccant Industry
Pharmaceutical Desiccants

Speaking of factories and trucks, the industrial world needs desiccants for many reasons. Machinery operating all day in enclosed settings generate lots of heat, steam and can lead to many problems. Machinery operating non-stop can accumulate rust, general wear and tear from constant use and not work as well overall due to these conditions. Our large clay desiccants can be places throughout the factory floor to capture the moisture found during day to day operations and be one of many shields to keep machines and the products found within a factory going. We even carry dry breathers filled with silica gel (you may have seen it on our product page here) that can be attached to certain types of machines to filter the steam and humidity they give off directly. These large-style desiccant bags are also great for ground transportation, long term storage and other areas where things can get a bit muggy.

Container Desiccant Industry
Container Desiccants

The storage world is notorious for a condition many people do not know about “container rain”. Take for instance a company that ships from Hong Kong to New York City. The port of Hong Kong is found near Southeast Asia which is very warm and humid all year long, while New York has a traditional 4 season climate. During transport, these temperature and weather patterns change and it can effect the containers greatly. Just like a glass freshly filled with ice, condensation occurs within the containers as the days turns to the night potentially ruining thousands of dollars of merchandise! Thanks to our high-strength calcium chloride-based desiccants we can eliminate this costly issue. Containers have various areas where we can hang them, we can stick them directly on top of packages found inside and we can even increase their humidity absorption rates by applying a filter to the ventilation areas found inside shipping containers too. In this way, a costly issue can be fixed with our technology and done more easily thanks to innovations in the way our packaging can better fit within any type of container, large, small, filled to the top or with space to spare.

Thus the question “of what product needs a desiccant?” is better asked “what type of desiccant is best to solve the problems I’m having?” for as long as moisture and humidity exists, desiccants will be around to put an end to the trouble they cause logistically. The packaging world is full of things that can improve it: recycling waste material, decreasing lead times, safety during the process, shipment tracking, and protecting products from damage. We here at Wisesorbent are just another integral piece of the puzzle!

Wisecargo Container Transport Desiccant

The rapid development of the world economy has brought more business transactions, and marine container transport is one of the indispensable means of transport. There are tens of thousands of ships coming and going to shuttle across the ocean every day, but this traditional way of transport will also face its own transport and storage issues while greatly promoting economic development and improving human life.

Wisecargo Container Desiccant is a kind of specially designed cargo desiccant aimed at protecting cargo from moisture during shipping. It can perfectly control the relative humidity in the container by absorbing the mass of vapor quickly. The ‘container rain’ cannot form thereby avoiding many potential damaging issues.

With the idea of innovative and high-quality, we always hold the belief of solving customer’s problem to promote the continuous improvement and innovation of products. Wisecargo container desiccant will bring you an extraordinary experience.

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