Desiccant Deoxidizer

Application in Nuts

Nowadays, people are paying more attention to nutrition collocation

The combination of different nuts and dried fruits is not only nutritional but also tasty. But consumers also find that some nut products didn’t taste as good after a while. They aren’t crunchy and even have an “oily taste.” This is a big issue for nut-product brands. Once this kind of problem occurs, the brand image is greatly damaged, and the financial loss is heavy.

Generally, there are three solutions in the market:

  • Use a desiccant only
  • Use deoxidizer only
  • Use a combination of desiccant and deoxidizer.

So which solution is the best?

Glass Jar of Mixed Nuts
assortment of nuts

Various famous nut-product brands come to WiseSorbent® for professional solutions

Take one of our customers’ nut products recipe as an example. The main ingredients include pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, macadamia nuts, walnuts, dried cranberries, and dried blueberries. The total net weight is 25g and they are packaged with aluminum-plastic composite film. The size is 110*120mm (5mm width of sealing edge) and the shelf life is 8 months. The customer expects the oxygen content in the package to be controlled within 0.1% (the peroxide value and acid value index should comply with GB 19300-2014: acid value ≤3mg/g, peroxide value ≤0.50g/100g). The moisture content of nuts should remain unchanged.

According to the customer's request, our R&D team proposed a new solution: desiccant deoxidizer

It is neither a mere desiccant nor a mere deoxidizer, nor a mixture of the two. This is a new product that we developed specially for the nuts industry, which is customized to makeup for the drawbacks of the three solutions currently on the market. This solution can control the humidity of the product stably at a certain level, which ensures the best taste for the nuts, removes excessive oxygen, avoids oil oxidation, effectively extends the product shelf life, and can be automatic dispensed.

desiccant deoxidizer sachets

Desiccant Deoxidizer Dosage Calculation

The equation for deoxidizer dosage calculation:


The calculation result shows that the oxygen quantity in the product packaging within the shelf life is 12cm2. Thus, the recommended dosage of deoxidizer is 20cc.


The equation for desiccant dosage calculation:


The result is, the recommended dosage of desiccant is 1.05g.
According to the calculation results of desiccant and deoxidizer dosage, the recommended specification of desiccant deoxidizer is 30cc (1g).

Desiccant Deoxidizer Dosage Calculation

To seal the nuts with desiccant, or deoxidizer, or desiccant + deoxidizer respectively, and store at 25℃, RH 50% constant temperature and humidity chamber for 240 days. Test oxygen concentration, moisture content, acid value and peroxide value of nuts every 60 days.

The test results are as follows:

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WiseSorbent® Camel

According to the test results, the desiccant deoxidizer is the only solution that meets all the customer's targets

The stability of moisture content is the condition that other solutions cannot meet, while proper moisture content is an important factor that affects the taste. Besides, this solution only utilize one pack of product, which is easy to automatic dispensing, and the cost is also lower than using two packs. Therefore, we recommended to use the desiccant deoxidizer solution. Through the cooperation with Wisesorbent, the customer adjusted their original desiccant solution, which improved the quality and taste of the products, won the favor of consumers, and improved the reputation of the brand. Through this cooperation, the customer established a long-term and close relationship with us.

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