WisePac® Cutting & Dispensing Machine-Horizontal Type

For WiseMini® Strip Desiccant

WisePac® Cutting & Dispensing Machine-Horizontal Type is a horizontal multi-functional automatic cutter and dispenser. It consists of a frame, feeder, monitor, PLC, lift-column, cutter, pick and place arm along with other inner machinations. It works seamlessly with our WiseMini® Desiccant Strip and ensures continuous recognition of cutting marks and senses the joints of continuous desiccants. Meanwhile, it dispenses desiccant into assigned positions precisely at speeds of up to 150 sachets per minute. It is a great method for dispensing desiccant automatically in the medical and food packaging industries.

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Basic Info
  • Model: WISEPAC
  • Speed: More than 180Bags/min
  • Classification: WSQJ-03 Automated horizontal dispenser
Technical Info
wdt_ID Title Description
1 Name WisePac® Desiccant Cutting & Dispensing Machine-Horizontal Type
2 Model WSQJ-03-OA
3 Maximum Dispensing Speed 150sachets/min
4 Power 220V 50/60Hz 2KW
5 Air Pressure 0.5-0.8 MPa
6 Air Consumption 600 L/min
7 Net Weight 1000lbs / 450kg
8 Dimension (mm) 1280W*1645D*2125H (including Dry Box)
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