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4A Molecular Sieve Desiccant Packets/Bags

WiseMini® molecular sieve sachet is a compact desiccant product developed specifically for moisture absorption in small packaging environments (such as pharmaceutical packaging). It utilizes white silica gel as its absorbent and Tyvek DuPont paper for packaging material (molecular sieve 4a). It is characterized by stable cellular structure, a uniform pore diamater, excellent moisture absorption performance at both high and low temperatures and does not affect any products it comes in contact with. It is especially suitable for the moisture-proof packaging in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic reagency industry as well as other industries that need a moisture proof environment in a small product package.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
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1. Why use Uncoated Tyvek?Uncoated Tyvek is used as our packaging material due to it being breathable but at the same time having a high strength. This combination allows for our sachets to have a high adsorption rate while also being very safe.

2. What type of ink do you use?Our WiseMini® Molecular Sieve Sachets all utilize FDA approved water based ink and are non-toxic. Additionally, no ink is printed on the desiccant bag edges leading to higher strength edges.

3. How do you seal your desiccant sachets?Each WiseMini® Molecular Sieve Sachet has a melting seal on both ends, this ensures a stronger seal and also a larger surface area for the silica gel to work with.

4. How many sizes do you have in total?There are 12 different standardized sizes of WiseMini® Molecular Sieve Sachet ranging from 0.25-14g with two types of 5g, 8g and 10g.

5. Why use multiple sizes for certain weights?Depending on what type of packaging our desiccants are placed in, some customers prefer a wider sized desiccant and others prefer a taller size.

6.Why use molecular sieve?4A Molecular Sieve is a very sensitive adsorbent where even the smallest bit of humidity can be absorbed and detected successfully.

7.What type of products should use WiseMini® Molecular Sieve Sachet Desiccant?WiseMini® Molecular sieve Desiccant bags are great for diagnostic reagents, testing materials and medical devices. Anything that is ultra sensitive to being in contact with even the slightest bit of moisture is recommended to use Molecular sieve due to its capability to absorb moisture at the lowest percentages.

Basic Info
wdt_ID Product # Spec. size (mm) W (mm) L (mm) Packing Quantity
1 1MSTY2000 0.25g 16*23 16 23 30000 pcs / 2 tins / ctn
2 1MSTY2001 0.5g 16*30 16 28 22000 pcs / 2 tins / ctn
3 1MSTY2002 1g 19 37 12000 pcs / 2 tins / ctn
4 1MSTY2003 2g 22 46.5 7000 pcs / 2 tins / ctn
5 1MSTY2004 3g 26 50 6000 pcs /2 tins / ctn
6 1MSTY2005 5g 26 68 3300 pcs /2 tins / ctn
7 1MSTY2006 5g 38 59.5 3500Pcs/2 TINS/CTN
8 1MSTY2007 8g 26 100 2000 pcs / 2 tins / ctn
9 1MSTY2008 8g 38 75 2000 pcs / 2 tins / ctn
10 1MSTY2009 10g 26 111.5 1800 pcs / 2 tins / ctn
11 1MSTY2010 10g 38 81 1800pcs / 2 tins / ctn
12 1MSTY2011 14g 38 89 1300 pcs / 2 tins / ctn
Technical Info
Technical Standard
1 Appearance Surface of desiccant bag should be smooth and flat, free of damage, stains, and obvious color deviation. Words and patterns should be clearly printed. Light transmittance of the back seal of each sachet should be greater than 50%
2 Moisture Content (1022°F/ 550℃) ≤3.0%
3 Moisture Absorption Capacity (77°F / 25℃) - RH = 20% ≥17.0%
4 Moisture Absorption Capacity (77°F / 25℃) - RH = 40% ≥19.0%
5 Shatter Resistance Drop from 1.2 meters 15 times, package should not be broken, adsorbent inside should not leak
6 Discoloration Test Soak solution should be colorless
7 Total Solvent Residue ≤5mg/m2
8 Residue of benzene Undetectable
9 Lead ≤5ppm
10 Light Transmittance ≥2000
11 Micro-organism Count - TVCB ≤1000 CFU/Bag
12 Micro-organism Count - TVCYM ≤100 CFU/Bag
13 Micro-organism Count - E.COLI Undetectable per bag
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