A Cut Above the Rest: WiseMini® Strip & Dispenser Solution

Congratulations, you are now the head of an OTC supplement company! The company sells a variety of products, from Fish Oil to Multivitamins and everything in between, ensuring their customers are happy and healthy. Each pill bottle has a desiccant bag inside of it, to maintain freshness, increase shelf life and avoid humidity issues. Business out here in the Southern United States is great and your team simply adds each desiccant to every bottle individually. However, things are not perfect underneath the surface of this thriving business…

Orders are being met and you are staying afloat but for how long? Production needs to increase, but you are lacking the manpower to keep adding each desiccant bag by hand, a health inspection is coming up soon and to top it off, another machine is being added to the production line. How can you add more people to the line, manage to pay their salary and have enough room for all of this in your current facility? This is about the time you heard about WiseSorbent® and its WiseMini® Strip Desiccants along with their Cutting and Dispensing Machine; and it could not have come at a more integral time!

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WiseMini® Desiccant Strip Wheel (Side View)

he WiseMini® Strip desiccant is unique in its design and advanced technology when compared to other strip desiccants. With sizes ranging from as low as 0.25 to 5g they all work on our machine perfectly. This is due to their ultrasonic sealing technology and transparency on each stripped bag.

The ultrasonic seal is sealed with state-of-the-art sound technology as opposed to a simple heat seal and each bag has a unique transparency at the length at where our machine cuts it. The machine itself also ensures that each bag is the perfect size and shape thanks to the sensors found within the machine itself.

This is the beauty of WiseSorbent® and its tailored products and machines; we truly keep true to our motto of “Absorb Wisely, Rest Assured”. Suppliers will usually recommend a certain machine but then when a malfunction or error occurs point fingers at the machine manufacturer and refuse ownership of the issue, we here at WiseSorbent® ensure a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it our duty to be responsible for all things related to the desiccants and machines you use to keep products safe no matter what! With unprecedented service and value we truly want to help solve any moisture based problem you may come across. Looking to automate your production, but want to test before you buy? Ask one of our trusted sales representatives about our service plans or leasing options, together we can find a solution that is just right for you.

WiseSorbent® Camel Pharmaceutical Desiccants
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