Industrial Desiccants

Wisesorbent offers a wide range of high-quality industrial desiccants to absorb moisture and control humidity. Physical adsorption desiccants ensure a dry environment inside the package by making use of the adsorption capacity for moisture of the porous mass (such as silica gel desiccant, montmorillonite, molecular sieve, etc). Our industrial products include High Performance & High Absorption Desiccants, silica gel, desiccant dry breather, and Humidity Indicator Cards.

Silica Gel Desiccant - Main

Silica Gel Desiccant

High-quality silica gel desiccant for industrial

WiseSorb® Silica Gel Desiccant utilizes silica gel as raw material. Silica gel has a strong moisture absorption capacity, is physically and chemically stable, and is not combustible or corrosive. Good breathability packaging material is used for better absorption. This type of desiccant is widely used in metal processing, machine manufacturing, electric manufacturing & clothing industries for moisture prevention and proper storage.
Indicating Silica Gel

Indicating Silica Gel Desiccant

Indicatable and reusable desiccant

WiseSorb® Indicating silica gel desiccant has strong moisture absorption capacity, and color changes from orange to green after absorbing moisture. Patented Verna Paper with good breathability, dust-proof functionality, strong strength, and seal strength is used as packaging material. Translucent material can see the discoloration of silica gel. This type of desiccant is widely used in metal processing, machine manufacturing, electric manufacturing & clothing industries for moisture prevention and proper storage.

Molecular Sieve Desiccant

Large capacity, high quality molecular sieve desiccant

Premium quality Molecular Sieve raw material, high moisture absorption capacity, non-toxic and harmless. Molecular sieve has been widely used because of its high adsorption capacity, strong thermal stability and other advantages. The fiber paper packing material has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, dust prevention, good air permeability and high heat sealing performance. Specs vary from 20-500g, applicable in multiple industrial uses.
MIL Clay

DIN/MIL Standard Clay Desiccant

Using anti-static, environmentally friendly materials

DIN/MIL standard Clay Desiccant’s raw material, manufacturing procedure, inspection, packaging, and transportation are strictly followed MIL-D-3464E standards. Use flash PE-coated film packs of high-quality clay. After anti-static treatment, this type of desiccant can be widely used in storage and transportation for machinery, electronic products, auto parts, large devices, etc.

Kraft Paper Clay Desiccant

Industrial/Military Desiccant

Kraft montmorillonite desiccant is an environmentally friendly degradable desiccant that uses natural high-quality montmorillonite as raw material and pure kraft paper as packaging material. Kraft montmorillonite desiccant has different product specifications. It complies with the US MIL-D-3464E standard. The application fields are diverse. It is suitable for the storage or transport of heavy industry, military industry, metal products, and auto parts. At the same time, the beneficial features of degradability and low cost are also applicable to household products storage and transport.
WiseSling String Sewn Clay Desiccant

WiseSling String Sewn Clay Desiccant

Hangable large unit clay desiccant

WiseSling String Sewn Clay desiccant is a premium industrial desiccant with a hangable lanyard. The large unit hangable design meets the transportation and storage needs under different scenarios. The lanyard has been tested and verified many times. It is firm and stable, not easy to break. 16U and 32U use improved kraft paper, which is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. 80U uses non-woven fabric, solid and durable.

WisePower® High Performance Desiccant

Industrial/Equipment Desiccant

WisePower High Performance Desiccant has excellent moisture absorption performance at low humidity (3 to 4 times that of common desiccants). The main component is MgCl2. It has stable chemical properties, balanced moisture absorption, and good absorption performance in both high and low humidity conditions. The coated Tyvek packaging material has high strength, dust-proof wear resistance, aging resistance, chemical substance resistance, softness, and smoothness characteristics. It can effectively prevent dust leakage. WisePower High Performance Desiccant is mainly used to moisture-proof and dehumidify industrial packages, mechanical equipment, and hardware used daily.
Wisepower Indicating High Absorption Desiccant

Indicating High Absorption Desiccant

Indicating material, visible window for replacement check

Indicating high absorption desiccant is a type of desiccant made of calcium chloride, starch, and diatomite. It has color changing function and high absorption performance. Under the 38 °C and RH90% conditions, its hygroscopic capacity can reach about 280%. When the color of high absorption desiccant changes from light brown to dark brown, the desiccant should be replaced. Indicating High absorption desiccants are commonly used in applications requiring high moisture absorption, like shipping container transportation. The desiccant may have liquid water seepage under extreme environmental adsorption supersaturation. Therefore, this product is unsuitable for direct contact with metal and other substances.
Dry Breather

Dry Breather Desiccant

Visible desiccant moisture absorption state

WisePac®Dry Breather utilizes PC material as a shell, which has high mechanical strength, creep resistance, and shock strength. Indicating silica gel with high moisture absorption capacity is used as desiccant material. By looking at its color, you can tell if the desiccant is fully saturated. It is easy to install and can be used in a gearbox, hydraulic oil, oil tank, transformer, etc., to prevent contamination and moisture from outside and extend device’s operation life.
WiseCargo Desiccant for Container

WiseCargo® Container Desiccant

High Absorption Desiccant for Shipping Container

Wisecargo® container desiccant is a special desiccant developed to prevent cargo from getting wet during sea transportation. It uses calcium chloride as the hygroscopic material and has strong hygroscopic ability. The relative humidity in the container can be controlled to avoid condensation in the container and protect the cargo.
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