Industrial Desiccants

Wisesorbent offers a wide range of high-quality industrial desiccants to absorb moisture and control humidity. Physical adsorption desiccants ensure a dry environment inside the package by making use of the adsorption capacity for moisture of the porous mass (such as silica gel desiccant, montmorillonite, molecular sieve, etc). Our industrial products include bulk raw materials, High Performance & High Absorption Desiccants, silica gel, desiccant dry breather, and Humidity Indicator Cards.

Wisesorb Bulk Raw Materials - Industry Desiccants
WisePower High Performance Desiccants
WisePower High Absorption Desiccant
WisePac® Desiccant Dry Breather
WiseHIC® Humidity Indicator Card
Wisesorbent Technology
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