WiseTube® Desiccant Tube

Cap & Tube with Moisture-proof Function

WiseTube® Desiccant Cap & Tube, takes polypropylene(PP), polyethylene(PE) as the main materials and molecular sieve, silica gel absorbents as the raw materials. The tube protects the product from moisture and prolongs its service life. It is widely used in diagnostic reagents, health care products, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

1. How does WiseTube® Desiccant Cap & Tube realize moisture proof function?
The flip-top contains molecular sieve and/or silica gel absorbent to keep the environment in the tube dry.

2. How does WiseTube® Desiccant Cap & Tube ensure airtightness?
WiseTube® Desiccant Cap & Tube utilizes different materials for cap and tube with innovative molding design. It is able to ensure air tightness without using an aluminum foil gasket and also control water vapor transmission.

3. Can the tube be printed?
The tube can be printed or labeled.

Basic Info
  • Product Name: WiseTube® Desiccant Cap & Tube
  • Cap Material: Low Density PE
  • Tube Material: PP
  • Desiccant: Molecular Sieve and/or Silica Gel Absorbent

Product # Cap Diameter (mm) Tube Height (mm) Dessiccant Net Weight (g)
8MSDS0001 33.0  48.3 2.2
8MSDS0002 33.0  63.5 2.2
8MSDS0003 33.0  95 2.2
8MSDS0004 33.0  124.2 2.2

Technical Info
Technical Info
wdt_ID Item Standard
1 Moisture Content of Molecular Sieve (550℃) ≤4.0%
3 Saturated Moisture Absorption Rate of Molecular Sieve (25℃, RH80%) ≥19%
6 Shatter Resistant Drop from 1 meter 15 times, plastic shell should not be broken, adsorbent inside should not leak
7 Abnormal Toxicity No abnormal toxicity
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