WisePower® High Performance Desiccant

Industrial/Equipment Desiccant

WisePower High Performance Desiccant has excellent moisture absorption performance at low humidity (3 to 4 times that of common desiccants). The main component is MgCl2. It has stable chemical properties, balanced moisture absorption, and good absorption performance in both high and low humidity conditions. The coated Tyvek packaging material has high strength, dust-proof wear resistance, aging resistance, chemical substance resistance, softness, and smoothness characteristics. It can effectively prevent dust leakage. WisePower High Performance Desiccant is mainly used to moisture-proof and dehumidify industrial packages, mechanical equipment, and hardware used daily.

wisepower high performance desiccant

WisePower® High Performance Desiccant

  • High absorption capacity under low humidity rate.
  • Turns into a lumpy solid shape after moisture absorption.
  • Water doesn’t escape after being absorbed, preventing leaks.
  • Tyvek packaging material, avoid breakage.
  • Wide range of applications. It can be used in various in

High Performance Desiccant - Box

SKU Spec Bag Dims (mm/in) TDS Container Bags/Container QTY 1 2-3 4+ Quantity Action
Size: 2g
30*70 / 1.18*2.76
5 GAL Iron Tin
Size: 5g
65*70 / 2.56*2.76
5 GAL Iron Tin
Size: 10g
65*95 / 2.56*3.74
5 GAL Iron Tin
Size: 25g
90*120 / 3.54*4.72
5 GAL Iron Tin
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