WiseMop® Liquids Absorber

Liquid Solidifier

WiseMop® Rapid Water Absorption Pack is a product used in labs, medical and diagnostic field to quickly absorb and solidify leaking liquid. It utilizes water-soluble packing material which enables convenient usage of the product without opening the package. This water absorption pack is also capable of absorbing liquid rapidly: it can absorb hundred times of liquid of its own weight in a few minutes (absorption capacity is related to mineral salt concentration in the absorbed solution).

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

1. How is WiseMop® liquid absorbed used?
WiseMop® liquid absorber utilize water-soluble packaging material. It can be deposited in the target liquid without opening the package.

2.How long does it take for liquid absorber to complete liquid absorption procedure?
It takes 30-60 seconds to complete liquid absorption procedure.

3.Is WiseMop® liquid absorber able to absorb organic solvent?
No. WiseMop® liquid absorber is only capable of absorbing aqueous solution. Please don’t use it to absorb organic solvent.

Basic Info
  • Product Name:
    Liquid Absorber
  • Raw Material:
    Sodium Polyacrylate
  • Packing Material:
    Water soluble paper
  • Size:
    1g: Width: 25±1mm Length: 42±2mm
    2g: Width: 25±1mm Length: 52±3mm
    3g: Width: 35±2mm Length: 55±3mm
  • Weight:
    1g – 1.0-1.1g
    2g – 2.0-2.2g
    3g – 2.8-3.3g
    5g – 4.9-5.6g
  • Standard Packaging:
    1g – 5000pcs/5 bags/ctn
    Bag size: 300*400mm
    Paper carton: 370*275*250mm2g – 4000pcs/5 bags/ctn
    Bag size: 300*400mm
    Paper carton: 370*275*250mm

    3g – 3000pcs/5 bags/ctn
    Bag size: 300*400mm
    Paper carton: 370*275*250mm

    5g – 1800pcs/5 bags/ctn
    Bag size: 300*400mm
    Paper carton: 370*275*250mm

  • — Product label should include following content:
    Manufacturer name
    Product description
    Product quantity per carton
    Product code
    Batch number
    —Country of origin
wdt_ID Spec W (mm) L (mm) Packing Quantity
1 1g 25 42 7000pcs / 5PL / ctn
2 2g 25 52 4000pcs / 4PL / ctn
3 3g 35 55 3200pcs / 4PL / ctn
4 5g 35 65 2000pcs / 4PL / ctn
Technical Info
Technical Standard
wdt_ID Item Standard
1 Appearance White or white-like powder particles
2 Moisture Content (120℃) ≤5.0%
3 Water Absorption Capacity(g/g) 350-450
4 0.9%NaCL Solution Absorption Capacity(g/g) 40-45
5 Whole Pack Water Absorption Capacity (s) ≤35
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