Solve Container Sweat Issues with WiseCargo Container Desiccants!

How do WiseCargo® Container Desiccants work?

The WiseCargo® Container Desiccant series comes in 5 distinct sizes all equipped to handle the long travel times and ever changing temperature and humidity of a seafaring shipping container voyage. What is “Container Sweat” you may ask? Container sweat also commonly referred to by other terms such as “Container Rain”, “Cargo Sweat” or “Material Condensation” is similar to a glass of water filled with ice on a hot day but on a larger scale. In other words, shipping containers are filled at a dock close to the ocean, this moisture is then trapped inside each shipping container; clinging to the walls and ceiling especially. As temperatures rise and fall during the voyage and as day turns to night this condensation on the walls and ceilings starts to “rain” on the goods inside and damages them significantly with mold and severe water damage like warping and corrosion. Thanks to Wisecargo’s design, you can avoid these issues and keep your materials safe and moisture free.

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WiseSorbent® is here to help!

Wisecargo is just one of many product lines and solutions we here at WiseSorbent® use to give our customers the optimum solution for their situation. You are welcome to contact us anytime via phone, email or even a complimentary site visit! We are determined to help each and every one of our customers on a personal level and no case is too small or too large for us to solve! So if you’re shipping internationally, give the Wisecargo line a try, we will even give you a crate membrane for free should you mention it during your order! With WiseSorbent® shipping is as easy as remembering our motto: “Absorb wisely, Rest Assured” !

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