Cutting & Dispensing Machine Vertical Type

For WiseMini® Strip Desiccant

WisePac® Cutting & Dispensing Machine— Vertical Type is a vertical multi-functional automatic cutter and dispenser. It works seamlessly with our WiseMini® Strip desiccant and ensures continuous recognition of cutting mark and senses the joints of continuous desiccants. It can reach speeds of up to 180 sachets per minute and automatically senses any errors within the desiccant strip. This machine is applicable to the following industries: food, medicine healthcare products, chemistry, etc. and dispenses desiccant straight down in a vertical motion.

Cutting & Dispensing Machine Vertical Type

  • Model: WISEPAC
  • Classification: WSQJ-03 Automated Vertical Dispencer
  • Speed: More than 180 bags/minute


1. What type of packaging should utilize the Vertical Cutting and Dispensing Machine?

Any type of packaging with an opening on its top side, such as bottles or tubes are great for the
vertical dispensing method this cutting and dispensing machine provides.

2. How do you ensure each desiccant strip is cut and dispensed properly?

4 sensors ensure the following: The 1 st : Checks for the transparency its cut at, The 2 nd : Checks each
strip is at proper length. The 3 rd : Checks for the bag’s correct thickness. The 4 th : Ensures each
desiccant is dispensed into one product at a time.

3. What type of desiccant strips work with your cutting machine?

By default, any desiccant strips that are housed on a reel can be used with our cutting machine, it
works best with our WiseMini® Strip Desiccants and others with transparent edges and ultrasonic
sealing. Hole Punch desiccant style strips can also be used.

4. Is a drybox included with this machine? What is a drybox used for?

A drybox is included with this machine and is used to control the environment the desiccant strips are
stored and dispensed in. This way when using the cutting and dispensing machine, the desiccants will not have to absorb any moisture before being packed inside the product.

5. What is the maximum the size of desiccant strip this machine can cut and dispense?

This machine can cut and dispense a desiccant strip reel from as light as 0.25g desiccants to a
maximum of 5g.

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