Food Grade Desiccants

WiseSorbent® food grade desiccant satchels/packs and fiber desiccant cards are constructed to protect food products & packaging from moisture damage safely.

WiseFresh Ethylene Absorber - 1

WiseFresh-Ethylene Absorber

Valid product for keeping food fresh

Ethylene is a gas that can affect the accelerated ripening of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other products. Ethylene is also released during the growth of these products, which accelerates maturation and aging. WiseFresh® Ethylene Absorber, which main ingredients are activated alumina and potassium permanganate, can effectively absorb ethylene released from fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other products, slow down the ripening speed and keep the products fresh for a longer period. Waterproof and breathable materials are used as packaging materials to allow safe contact with products.
Humidity control

MoisCon-Humidity Control

Effectively maintain your products within suitable humidity range

Moiscon® Kraft paper Moisture Control Pack can effectively control the moisture inside the product packaging. The controllable range can be selected according to product requirements, and the range is between 62% and 84%. Moisture Control Pack is made of high-quality raw materials and environmentally friendly recyclable kraft paper packaging, which is non-toxic and harmless. It is suitable for a variety of products that require controlled humidity and continuous freshness storage, such as cigars, spices, coffee beans, and other products.
Food Grade Oxygen Absorber

WiseOxy® Oxygen Absorber

SAFE TO USE: Our WiseOxy® Oxygen Absorber is non-toxic & safe to come in direct contact with food. EXTENDED SHELF-LIFE: Avoid any form of oil(s) in the package from oxidation and prevents the growth of aerobic bacteria.
WiseFresh Silica Gel Desiccant

WiseFresh™ Silica Gel Desiccant

Non-toxic and harmless

OPP-packed indicating silica gel desiccant utilizes premium quality silica gel raw material which has constant chemical and physical characteristics, it is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Visible change is convenient for confirming the saturation of moisture absorption to check product quality. The packaging material is porous OPP which has strong seal strength and good oil resistivity. This type of desiccant can be used in all types of seaweed, cookies, nuts, dried vegetables and fruits, spices, puffed food, and more.
Clay Desiccant

Clay Desiccant

Natural food desiccant

Food-grade clay desiccant utilize natural montmorillonite as raw material. Montmorillonite has stable chemical and physical characteristics and is non-toxic and non-hazardous. Its moisture absorption capacity is stronger than silica gel desiccant in low humidity. This is a natural and safe desiccant with premium quality. Therefore, it is widely applied in food that needs to keep dry and fresh. (Tea, dried vegetables, fruits, spices, puffed food, etc.)
fiber desiccant sheet

Fiber Desiccant Sheet

Safe & natural food desiccant sheet

WiseFresh® Fiber Desiccant Sheet utilizes natural plant fiber and food-grade calcium chloride material which both meet FDA. It has a strong moisture absorption capacity: under 77℉/25℃, RH90%, it can absorb more than 50% moisture of its weight, 10cm2 (1.55 in2) fiber desiccant is equivalent to 1g silica gel desiccant. It can be cut into all shapes and sizes: rectangles, squares, circles, etc. to fit into different modes as you need, which is easy to use and saves packaging space. Fiber desiccant can use for food such as nuts and food needs regular-shaped desiccant which is easy to pack.
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