WiseMini® Humidity Control Sachet

Compact Humidity Regulator Packets/Bags

Wisemini® humidity regulator sachets, utilizes silica gel as main component, controls the humidity rate inside a package at a certain range. It desiccates when humidity rate in the package is higher than it needs to be and humidifies when it is lower than it needs to be. This product is applicable to the medicines that need strict humidity rate control by stabilizing the humidity rate inside the package.

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Technical Info
Items Standard
Appearance The surface of desiccant bag should not have damage or obvious discoloration, with the flat paper. The printing is clear without stains.
Humidity regulator range                                                                    25℃ ±5% nominal humidity control capacity
Dropping resistance In the case of free falling of 15 times at a height of 1.2m or more, the desiccant bag shall not be broken or have the damage of enabling the adsorbent to leak.
Decoloring test The soaked solution should be colorless.
Total residual solvents
Benzene residues Not detectable
* Lead ≤5ppm
Paper bag fluorescence No flaky fluorescence
Total bacterial count (cfu / bag)
Mould and yeast count (cfu / bag)
E.COLI Not detectable 
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