WiseCan® Desiccant Capsules

Desiccant Capsules can be embedded into the bottle-shaped container saving space & prevent moisture damage

WiseCan® desiccant capsules are great for saving space in medical bottles and other similar product designs. It adopts a plastic shell and porous paper as its packing material and the adsorbent that absorbs water vapor with the raw material contained inside the capsule and avoids material leakage and product damage thanks to its roll – edge seal model packaging. This utilitarian model can be combined with a packing container to save space. The desiccant capsule can be embedded into a bottle-shaped container thereby avoiding the problem that traditional bag desiccants run into such as lack of space in packaging due to their shape being different from the products inside the bottle. Lastly, it is a very safe and convenient desiccant product being able to be added to any similarly shaped capsule product production line.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
Certificate of Drug Master File (DMF)

1. Why should you use a desiccant?
Our WiseMini® desiccants are utilized to absorb moisture from the inside of the product package. By preventing moisture from damaging the products and extending shelf life.

2. Why should you choose silica gel as a desiccant?
The physical and chemical characteristics of silica gel are stable and non-toxic. Silica gel has a strong absorption capacity.

3. Why should you use a capsule desiccant?
The WiseMini® capsule utilizes a polypropylene shell, which can come into direct contact with any pharmaceutical products.

4. How to select the proper desiccant size for your application?
Please refer calculation illustration document or contact us.

5. What is the applicable standard for capsule desiccant?
The WiseMini® capsule are compliant with USP41-NF36 <670>.

6. Precautions:
The desiccant should be packaged with the pharmaceutical products in a sealed package with low MVTR.
After unsealing the desiccant insert them in to the packaging as soon as possible.

Do not expose the desiccant sachet to open environment for over 2 hours under 60% RH environment.

Basic Info
  • Model:
  • Absorbent:
    Silica Gel
  • Avail Weights:
    0.5g, 1g, 2g, 3g
  • Seal Style:
    Roll – Edge Sealing
  • External Shell:
  • Form:
1 6SGPL0001 0.5g WISECAN DESICCANT CAPSULE Ф0.544″/ 13.8mm 0.433″/ 11.0mm 12000 units / 2 tins / CTN
2 6SGPL0002 1g WISECAN DESICCANT CAPSULE Ф0.713″/ 18.1mm 0.433″/ 11.0mm 8000 units / 2 tins /CTN
3 6SGPL0003 2g WISECAN DESICCANT CAPSULE Ф0.977″/ 24.8mm 0.433″/ 11.0mm 4500 units / 2 tins / CTN
4 6SGPL0004 3g WISECAN DESICCANT CAPSULE Ф1.205″/ 30.6mm 0.413″/ 10.5mm 3000 units / 2tins / CTN
Technical Info

In this chart, we can easily see that the giving condition under the room temperature and humidity rate is higher than 37%: white silica gel (A Type Silica Gel) absorbing ability is higher than the molecular sieve, Montmorillonite and Indicating Silica Gel.

Technical Standard
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