Liquids Absorber for emergency use

Leveraging the Power of Polyacrylic Acid: Converting Liquids into Gel-like Substances for Practical Applications

WiseMop® Liquids Absorber uses polyacrylic as the raw material. Polyacrylic acid is a high-molecular-weight polymer with excellent water solubility and water-absorbing properties. It dissolves well in water, and due to its high water-absorbing characteristics, it can coagulate liquids into a gel-like substance when in water. Utilizing these two features of polyacrylic acid, WiseMop® Liquids Absorber can rapidly coagulate liquids within containers into a gel-like state in a short time, facilitating easier mobility and handling of liquids.

Stuck in Traffic

Imagine an outdoor emergency: when you’re stuck in a traffic jam but have the need to use restroom.

After presenting the product’s features in an academic context, it might be challenging to envision a practical application. Let’s consider a relatable scenario: Imagine finding yourself trapped in traffic with your children and suddenly realizing they urgently need to use the restroom. Your car holds nothing but a plastic bag, and you’re faced with a difficult choice. You’re torn between attempting to hold your kids’ pressing needs or resorting to using the plastic bag as a makeshift solution to their immediate bathroom requirements, which could make you plagued with the fear of potential leakage from the bag, further complicating an already stressful situation.

WiseMop® Liquid Absorber can effectively function as a firefighter during infernos, as previously noted.

This scenario highlights the practical application of WiseMop® Liquids Absorber due to its distinctive attributes, offering a practical solution for emergencies. It absorbs bodily fluids and converts them into a manageable gel-like state, addressing concerns of messiness and discomfort.

WiseMop Liquid Absorber

The use cases of WiseMop® Liquid Absorber extend beyond just traffic jams to include a variety of outdoor, hospital, and home scenarios.

When you’re facing an urgent need to use the restroom, as in the above scenario or in places like the hospitals, using a plastic bag or a bottle is definitely not the most effective way to handle the situation. Liquids would likely move around, and the fear of leakage would be a constant concern. However, with WiseMop® Liquids Absorber, you can swiftly tackle this challenge. WiseMop® Liquids Absorber has the remarkable ability to rapidly absorb up to 400 times its own weight in distilled water within 30 to 60 seconds. This causes the liquid to transform into a gel-like material, making it much more manageable to store temporarily during your outdoor/inconvenient time. Consequently, by applying our WiseMop® Liquids Absorber, you can enjoy a dry, fresh, and orderly environment, even after dealing with an urgent restroom situation.

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