Molecular Sieve Desiccant
Industrial/Military Desiccant

WiseSorbent® industrial desiccant is available in multiple absorbent materials: silica gel, montmorillonite and molecular sieve. Raw material, manufacturing procedure, inspection, packaging and transportation are strictly controlled according to MIL-D-3464E standard. It is a type of desiccant with high absorption capacity, high seal strength, low dust or no dust, high safety and is environmentally friendly and reusable (only type III). And there are three types available, type I (low-dust), type II (no-dust), type III (reusable). They can be widely used in storage and transportation for machinery, electronic products, auto parts, large devices, etc.

Product Information

Product Sheet
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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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Technical Standard
1Absorption Capacity per Unit - 77℉/25℃、RH=20%≥3.0g/U
2Absorption Capacity per Unit - 77℉/25℃, RH=40%≥6.0g/U
3Absorption Speed per Unit - 77℉/25℃,, RH=40%≥0.25g/U.7h
4Absorption Speed per Unit - 77℉/25℃, RH=80%≥0.7g/U.7h
5Dust Transmission Rate - Type I - 16U≤5mg/bag
6Dust Transmission Rate - Type I - 8U≤2.5mg/bag
7Dust Transmission Rate - Type I - ≤4U≤0.5mg/bag
8Dust Transmission Rate - Type II≤0.5mg/bag
9Shatter Resistance TestDrop from 3 meters height to marble hard surface on both sides alternatively 20 times, and the package doesn’t break.
wdt_IDTypeUnitPRODUCT #W*L (mm)Packaging QuantityPackaging
1Type I & type II1/6U3MILND000145*701200/drum5 Gallon Iron Tin
2Type I & type II1/3U3MILND000260*70650/drum5 Gallon Iron Tin
3Type I & type II1/2U3MILND000370*80450/drum5 Gallon Iron Tin
4Type I & type II1U3MILND000480*115300/drum5 Gallon Iron Tin
5Type I & type II2U3MILND0005110*115150/drum5 Gallon Iron Tin
6Type I & type II1U3MILND000480*1151200/drum22 Gallon Iron Tin
7Type I & type II2U3MILND0005110*115650/drum22 Gallon Iron Tin
8Type I & type II4U2MILND000698*150300/drum22 Gallon Iron Tin
9Type I & type II8U2MILND0007105*220200/drum22 Gallon Iron Tin
10Type I & type II16U2MILND0008150*230120/drum22 Gallon Iron Tin