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Dry Breather Desiccant
Desiccant Dry Breather with Silica Gel

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From: $175.00
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A breather desiccant is a plastic container which holds indicating silica gel and other dehumidification materials and is applied to liquid phase systems to filter the moisture in the air and prevent the aging of electric insulation oil inside transformers.

The main ingredient of the high specification orange silica gel in the dry breather is SiO2 silica; in addition, due to its large surface area it has excellent water vapor adsorption properties.

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Product Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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1. What type of products benefit from utilizing the Dry Breather?
Machinery used in the Industrial industry that utilizes pressure and an exhaust port benefit greatly from our Dry Breather. Instead of an OEM part that only blows out excess pressure; our dry breather absorbs the moisture found within the machine as it is operating and prevents water accumulation and improves overall machine health.

2. Why use color changing silica gel?
Orange to green silica gel is used so that the dry breather is more easily replaced on a busy manufacturing or factory floor.

3. Does your Dry Breather require any attachments to fit on most of these machines?
No, we use a standard cap found in most/all machines that already use OEM vent caps.

4. Can you replace the silica gel inside without buying a brand new dry breather cap?

Yes, if you have silica gel in bulk you can insert it through the dry breather’s top red cap.

5. Will this dry breather benefit the oil being used in the industrial machine or just the machine itself?

The machine oil found inside your industrial machinery will be running cleaner overall leading to better performance overall.

  • Model: Wisesorbent
  • Absorbent: Allochroic Silicagel
  • Form: Plastic Tank

wdt_IDProduct NoWeightSizeDiameterTotal hightPackage
11OIRE0001600gϕ 108*163mm4.2526.4171Bucket/1Aluminium plated bag/Box 16Bucket/20Aluminium plated bag/CTN
21OIRE00021200gϕ 108*255mm4.25210.0391Bucket/1Aluminium plated bag/Box 10Bucket/10Aluminium plated bag/CTN

In this chart, we can easily see that the giving condition under the room temperature and humidity rate is higher than 37%: Indicating silica gel has very similar performance as white silica gel, also it can change color immediately when absorbing moisture and humidity. We can easily see the changes and humidity absorption ability through its color changes.

Technical Standard
Blotting paper weight294±15g/㎡
Blotting paper thickness0.45±0.05mm
Ink Absorption RateAbsorbs 1mL ink in less than 55 seconds
Indicating color sensitivity rateIf humidity rate lower than indicated value 5%R.H the spot color will turn into blue.

If humidity rate higher than indicated value 5%R.H the spot color turn into pink

Temperature cycling