wisesorbent molecular sieve desiccant series

Wisesorbent Molecular Sieve Desiccant
Physical Absorption Desiccants

Wisesorbent Molecular Sieve Desiccant employs 4A molecular sieve as its adsorbent and Winner paper for its packing material. 4A molecular sieve desiccants have stable cellular structures, a uniform pore diameter, strong mechanical strength and have excellent moisture absorption capacity at both high and low temperatures. Winner-paper has a breathability characteristic very similar to that of non-woven fabrics, it is also dust-proof like paper and like plastic does not allow for mildew growth. It has great overall tensile strength, excellent sealing strength and good permeability containing no hazardous materials. It is widely used for the transportation and storage of medicine reagents and moisture-sensitive electronic components that must be stored at low-humidity.

Product Information

Certificate of Drug Master File (DMF)
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1. What type of products benefit from utilizing Molecular Sieve desiccants?
Many products in the industrial industry benefit from Molecular desiccants, especially those that are extremely sensitive to moisture. Anything that cannot tolerate any type of moisture coming into contact with it such as computers, cell phones, camera equipment, electrical and computer hardware all benefit from this desiccant type especially.

2. Is only the Verna non-woven packaging material available?
No, we also are able to produce the same quality desiccants with other packaging materials such as our high strength and non-woven Tyvek paper.

3. I need a larger/smaller size than what you have listed here, can it be produced?
Yes, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to work together with you to create a size suitable to your needs.

4. How long does a Molecular sieve Industrial desiccant typically last for?
This is dependent on how humid the environment is, but around 6 months if contained inside a closed environment.

5. Why use Molecular Sieve as opposed to other adsorbent materials?
Molecular Sieve desiccants are utilized in low humidity environments as it starts absorbing humidity and water vapor at rates as low as 10%. Other desiccant materials are nowhere near as active as molecular sieve at such sensitive levels.

  • Model: Wisesorbent
  • Absorbent: Molecular Sieve
  • Packing Material: Werna Paper
  • Specifications: 1g – 500g
  • Forms: Bags

In this chart, we can easily see that the giving condition under the room temperature and humidity rate is higher than 37%: 4A molecular sieve also has very similar adsorption capacity along with Montmorillonite and white silica gel. 4Å molecular sieves have also been used to remove heavy metal ions present in water due to industrial activities.

Technical Standard
Item IndexStandard
3A (globular)4A (globular)5A (globular)12X (globular)
WeightPlease refer to specification details
SizePlease refer to specification details
Water ratio(550℃)≤3.0%
Moisture absorption rate (25℃) – RH=20%≥15.0%≥17.0%≥18.5%≥19.0%
Moisture absorption rate (25℃) – RH=40%≥17.0%≥19.0%≥20.5%≥21.0%
Stacking Density g/L≥640≥660≥750≥640
Absorbing Speed g/g.7h23℃, RH=40% ≥0.007g/g.7h
Drop Test (>100g)There is no any damage when we drop the desiccant bag from 3meter height more than 15 times.