Wisesorb DIN Certified Desiccant
DIN Desiccant Bags/Packets

From: $81.70

From: $81.70
FDA Certification

Wisesorb DIN series products mainly employ natural montmorillonite as its adsorbent. We strictly adhere to all DIN55473 standards and procedures: the raw material, manufacturing process, inspection methods, packaging and transportation. This safe and environmentally friendly desiccant has high adsorbent performance, high strength and low amount of dust.

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Product Information

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

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Industry Videos

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1. What type of products benefit from utilizing Montmorillonite DIN desiccants?
Many products in the industrial industry benefit from Montmorillonite desiccants, especially those that can be damaged by moisture. Examples include paper products, electronics, computer equipment and heavy machinery.

2. Is only the Verna non-woven packaging material available?
No, we also are able to produce the same quality desiccants with other packaging materials such as our high strength and non-woven Tyvek paper.

3. Why are these desiccants measured in “Units”? What are units?
Units are a DIN standard established by German engineers that are standardized amounts that are best used for certain situations. For example, 1 Unit of desiccant can sustain certain products while larger ones need 2 units, even larger 3, and so on.

4. So your DIN desiccants are approved by this organization?
Correct, Wisesorbent is proud to be authorized by the DIN organization and uphold the high standards they uphold, it is a prestige and honor to carry the name.

5. What is the DIN standard comparable to in the United States?
Although not updated on a yearly basis like DIN is, the MIL standard found in the United States has similar, albeit less strict requirements than what DIN has.

6. Why use Montmorillonite as opposed to other adsorbent materials?
Overall, Montmorillonite is the most affordable of the physical desiccants, when trying to reduce moisture levels on a larger scale such as a warehouse or factory setting, Montmorillonite (or simply known as clay desiccant) is the best choice.

  • Model: Wisesorb
  • Absorbent: Montmorillonite
  • External Shell: Werna, Vtery Nonwoven or Spunlace Nonwoven
  • Form: Bags/Packets
wdt_IDProduct No.Spec.Width"Length"PrintMedium PackagePackage
12MTTG301E-2018Tyvek 1/6u Montmorillonite Desiccant2.2462.56122059S100Pcs/PE/Foil bag1200Pcs/10PE/10Foil bag/CTN
22MTTG302E-2018Tyvek 1/3u Montmorillonite Desiccant2.2463.15222060S80Pcs/PE/Foil bag960Pcs/12PE/12Foil bag/CTN
32MTTG303E-2018Tyvek 1/2u Montmorillonite Desiccant2.2463.54322061S60Pcs/PE/Foil bag6720Pcs/12PE/12Foil bag/CTN
42MTTG304E-2018Tyvek 1u Montmorillonite Desiccant3.0733.74022062S40Pcs/PE/Foil bag400Pcs/10PE/10Foil bag/CTN
52MTTG305E-2018Tyvek 2u Montmorillonite Desiccant3.0735.11822063S20Pcs/PE/Foil bag220Pcs/11PE/11Foil bag/CTN
62MTTG306E-2018Tyvek 4u Montmorillonite Desiccant3.8615.91022064S15PcsPE/Foil bag120Pcs/8PE/8Foil bag/CTN
72MTTG307E-2018Tyvek 8u Montmorillonite Desiccant4.1378.27422065S10Pcs/PE/Foil bag60Pcs/6PE/6Foil bag/CTN
82MTVN308E-2018Verna Nonwoven II16u Montmorillonite Desiccant5.9108.66122068S5Pcs/PE/Foil bag45Pcs/9PE/9Foil bag/CTN
92MTVN309E-2018Verna Nonwoven II32u Montmorillonite Desiccant5.91011.81122069S3Pcs/PE/Foil bag18Pcs/6PE/6Foil bag/CTN
Wisesorb DIN Certified Desiccant (A Type)
S/NProduct CodeProduct specificationWidth”(in)Length”(in)Packaging
12MTVT301Vtery Nonwoven Fabric 1/6u Montmorillonite2.244092.559051200PCS/10PE/CTN
22MTVT302Vtery Nonwoven Fabric 1/3u Montmorillonite2.244093.1496960PCS/12PE/CTN
32MTVT303Vtery Nonwoven Fabric 1/2u Montmorillonite2.244093.5433720PCS/12PE/CTN
42MTVT304Vtery Nonwoven Fabric 1u Montmorillonite3.070863.74015400PCS/10PE/CTN
52MTVT305Vtery Nonwoven Fabric 2u Montmorillonite3.070865.1181220PCS/11PE/CTN
62MTVT306Vtery Nonwoven Fabric 4u Montmorillonite3.858265.9055120PCS/8PE/CTN
72MTHN307Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric 8u Montmorillonite4.133858.267760PCS/6PE/CTN
82MTHN308Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric16uMontmorillonite5.90558.267745PCS/9PE/CTN
92MTHN309Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric32uMontmorillonite5.905511.81118PCS/6PE/CTN


Wisesorb DIN Certified Desiccant (B Type)

S/NProduct CodeProduct specificationWidth”(in)Length”(in)Packaging
102MTTG301Dupont 1/6u Montmorillonite2.244092.559051200PCS/10PE/CTN
112MTTG302Dupont 1/3u MontmorilloniteDupont 1/3u Montmorillonite2.244093.1496960PCS/12PE/CTN
122MTTG303Dupont 1/2u MontmorilloniteDupont 1/2u Montmorillonite2.244093.5433720PCS/12PE/CTN
132MTTG304Dupont 1u MontmorilloniteDupont 1u Montmorillonite3.070863.74015400PCS/10PE/CTN
142MTTG305Dupont 2u MontmorilloniteDupont 2u Montmorillonite3.070865.1181220PCS/11PE/CTN
152MTTG306Dupont 4u MontmorilloniteDupont 4u Montmorillonite3.858265.9055120PCS/8PE/CTN
162MTTG307Dupont 8u MontmorilloniteDupont 8u Montmorillonite4.133858.267760PCS/6PE/CTN
172MTTG308UNTK Nonwoven Fabric 16u Montmorillonite5.90558.267745PCS/9PE/CTN
182MTUN309UNTK Nonwoven Fabric 32u MontmorilloniteUNTK Nonwoven Fabric 32u Montmorillonite5.905511.81118PCS/6PE/CTN
192MTVN301Verna II 1/6u Montmorillonite2.244092.559051200PCS/10PE/CTN
202MTVN302Verna II 1/3u Montmorillonite2.244093.1496960PCS/12PE/CTN
212MTVN303Verna II 1/2u Montmorillonite2.244093.5433720PCS/12PE/CTN
222MTVN304Verna II 1u Montmorillonite3.070863.74015400PCS/10PE/CTN
232MTVN305Verna II 2u Montmorillonite3.070865.1181220PCS/11PE/CTN
242MTVN306Verna II 4u Montmorillonite3.858265.9055120PCS/8PE/CTN
252MTVN307Verna II 8u Montmorillonite4.133858.267760PCS/6PE/CTN

In this chart, we can easily see that the giving condition under the room temperature and humidity rate is higher than 37%: Montmorillonite absorbing ability is much steadier than other desiccants, it recharges easily and does not swell as it absorbs water vapor.

“Wisesorb DIN Desiccant “certified by German third party laboratory.

Technical Standard
Item IndexStandard
Absorption Capacity Unit 23℃, RH=40%6.0g/u
PH Value7.0~8.5
Conductivity≤ 0.3S/m
Qualified Size Ratio=0%(<6.3mm), ≤2%(<0.25mm)
Water soluble matter≤2%
Unit Mass≤39g/u
Unit volume≤45cm3
Unit adsorption rate
23℃, RH=40%
Dust transmission rate≤10mg/U
PE Water Vapor Transmission Rate≤0.5g/m2.d
Drop TestNo damage to both sides of the desiccant bag when dropped from a height of 3 meters over 15 times.