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Wisecan Desiccant Capsule
Desiccant Capsule

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From: $456.13
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FDA Certification

Wisecan desiccant capsules are great for saving space in medical bottles and other similar product designs. It adopts a plastic shell and porous paper as its packing material and the adsorbent that absorbs water vapor with the raw material contained inside the capsule and avoids material leakage and product damage thanks to its roll – edge seal model packaging. This utilitarian model can be combined with a packing container to save space. The desiccant capsule can be embedded into a bottle-shaped container thereby avoiding the problem that traditional bag and sachet desiccant run into such as lack of space in packaging due to their shape being different from the products inside the bottle. Lastly, it is a very safe and convenient desiccant product being able to be added to any similarly shaped capsule product production line.

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1. What is the Wisecan Desiccant Capsule made out of?
The shell of the capsule is made of PP plastic, the raw material is White Silica Gel and inside is
waterbased FDA Ink printed on filter paper.

2. Why use a rolled-edge?
The rolled edge was added to our capsule so our raw material would be secured inside the
capsule at all times while maintaining proper moisture absorption. A flat edge alternatively
would lead to less absorption and leakage.

3. Is it better than standard desiccant bags?
Due to its safer capsule design and faster absorption rate it can be considered superior, but also
is slightly more expensive overall in bulk as a result.

4. Can you automatically dispense Wisecan Capsules?
With any dispensing machine from Wisesorbent or other suppliers, our capsules are able to be
dispensed automatically very easily.

5. Why is the capsule clear?
Each desiccant capsule is clear and allows you to see the absorption process occur in real time.

  • Model: Wisecan
  • Absorbent: Silica Gel
  • Avail Weights: 0.5g, 1g, 2g, 3g
  • Seal Style: Roll – Edge Sealing
  • External Shell: Plastic
  • Form: Capsule
1 6SGPL0001 0.5g WISECAN DESICCANT CAPSULE Ф0.544″/ 13.8mm 0.433″/ 11.0mm 12000 units / 2 tins / CTN
2 6SGPL0002 1g WISECAN DESICCANT CAPSULE Ф0.713″/ 18.1mm 0.433″/ 11.0mm 8000 units / 2 tins /CTN
3 6SGPL0003 2g WISECAN DESICCANT CAPSULE Ф0.977″/ 24.8mm 0.433″/ 11.0mm 4500 units / 2 tins / CTN
4 6SGPL0004 3g WISECAN DESICCANT CAPSULE Ф1.205″/ 30.6mm 0.413″/ 10.5mm 3000 units / 2tins / CTN

In this chart, we can easily see that the giving condition under the room temperature and humidity rate is higher than 37%: white silica gel (A Type Silica Gel) absorbing ability is higher than the molecular sieve, Montmorillonite and Indicating Silica Gel.

Technical Standard