Why Your Equipment Needs a WiseSorbent® Dry Breather

Our Desiccant Breather replaces standard dust caps or OEM breather caps on a variety of different equipment in the industrial world. The WiseSorbent® Dry Breather offers superior filtration protecting from the smallest of particles that destroy machine efficiency and machine oil quality. Without such a precaution your machine could have increased downtime, require more costly maintenance and repair and be more inefficient overall. The way it works is simple, air is drawn into the equipment through the breather, and the layers of desiccant filter through various particles and remove them while desiccant beads remove any harmful moisture found in the environment. Even if the machine is not running or shut down the desiccant beads found within the Dry Breather attract moisture from within the equipment’s reservoir drying the entire closed system.

Why the WiseSorbent® Dry Breather Stands Out

Naturally, the desiccant industry has many different iterations of the Dry Breather product. This leads to the question, why go with the WiseSorbent® brand? Simply put, our Dry Breather’s raw material are of a superior quality and are more environmentally friendly and safer too. Most Dry Breathers contain Blue Silica Gel; this then changes to a dark red color when fully saturated. However, this type of Silica Gel contains cobalt is and is hazardous when handling. Luckily, WiseSorbent® only use Cobalt-Free Orange Indicating Silica Gel which turns green when fully saturated. Not only is the color change more apparent but the lack of Cobalt found within the desiccant allows it to be handled, replaced and stored more easily. Additionally, our Dry Breather comes in two standard formats (600g and 1200g) and has a universal shape that is used in any OEM or standardized dust cap for machinery that give off exhaust. This ease of use and environmentally friendly raw material are just one of the many reasons that WiseSorbent® is your top choice for industrial safety and moisture control.

Wisesorbent Desiccant Solution

Wisesorbent’s Promise to You

Product attributes and benefits aside another thing that WiseSorbent® offers is your undivided attention and fantastic services. Whether you are inquiring about the Dry Breather or any other product in our catalogue, WiseSorbent® and those within the organization are more than happy to assist. This goes well beyond the buying process as well, as any issues that arise with product and machinery use are also supported by us here at the WiseSorbent® team! We like to think of ourselves as a large corporation in terms of scope and deliverables while also offering the same personal touch that a small company can offers its customers. With big shoes to fill and an even bigger heart, WiseSorbent® truly lives by its motto of “Absorb Wisely, Rest Assured”. Thus, with the WiseSorbent® Dry Breather you and your machinery can do just that; Breathe Easy!

Wisesorbent Technology
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