WiseTab® Coated Desiccant Tablets

Molecular Sieve Desiccant Tablet

WiseTab® Desiccant Tablet is a unique form of desiccant, it is made from compressing molecular sieve and mineral clay in a range of different shaped molds. WiseTab® Desiccant Tablets can be integrated with product packaging saving space and improving packaging automation. The desiccant tablets have excellent heat stability, they are odorless, tasteless, and non-corrosive. Tablets can be shaped to fit perfectly within different shaped diagnostic products. WiseSorbent® is one of the top desiccant tablet suppliers; therefore quality is rest assured.

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Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

1. What is molecular sieve?
Molecular sieve is a type of artificially synthesized absorbent that has function of sieving molecules. Its main ingredients are aluminum oxide and silicon oxide, and it has strong preferential absorption capacity towards water vapor even under low humidity rate. It is able to better protect products that are sensitive to moisture.

2. How does it help diagnostic reagent product by utilizing molecular sieve desiccant?
Molecular sieve desiccant is able to absorb water vapor inside packaging to protect diagnostic reagent product from the effect of humidity and extend product shelf life.

3. Why should you choose molecular sieve desiccant tablet?
Molecular sieve desiccant tablet is available in customized sizes and shapes, which enables them to fit in correspondent product and save packaging space.

4. How to choose appropriate size desiccant?
Please refer to desiccant usage calculation method or contact us.

The desiccant should be packaged together with the products in a sealed package with low MVTR.
After unsealing the desiccant insert them into the packaging as soon as possible. Do not expose the desiccant sachet to open environment for over 2 hours in a 60% RH environment.

Basic Info
  • Model: Wisetab
  • Packing Material: Molecular Sieve and Mineral Clay
  • Form: Tablet
Specifications (Type A)
wdt_ID Product No. DIAMETERΦ / ( W * L ) THICKNESS (mm) WEIGHT (g) PACK SIZE
1 TBM11 8.00mm*17.45mm 4.15 0.530 12000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
2 TBM20 Φ10.00mm 3.17 0.250 20000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
3 TBM21 Φ10.00mm 4.70 0.425 16000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
4 TBM22 Φ10.00mm 5.50 0.530 14000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
5 TBM23 Φ10.00mm 7.00 0.680 10000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
6 TBM30 Φ11.35mm 3.17 0.370 16000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
7 TBM31 Φ11.35mm 4.05 0.470 12000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
8 TBM32 Φ11.35mm 4.80 0.530 10000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
9 TBM33 Φ11.35mm 7.00 0.880 8000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
10 TBM34 Φ11.35mm 3.30 0.390 14000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
11 TBM41 Φ6.00mm 7.40 0.235 28000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
12 TBM51 Φ50.00mm 25.00 48.00 140Pcs/4TIN/CTN
13 TBM61 Φ 3.50mm 6.00 0.070 80000Pcs/4TIN/CTN
Technical Info
WiseTab® Molecular Sieve Desiccant Tablet Standard
1 Appearance Shaped flake in white, creamy white, or earth red. No obvious defect Shaped flake in white, creamy white, or earth red. No obvious defect Shaped flake in white, creamy white, or earth red. No obvious defect
2 Moisture Content (1022°F/550℃) ≤2.0% ≤2.0% ≤2.0%
3 Moisture Absorption Capacity (77℉/ 25℃) - RH=20% ≥15.0% ≥13.0% ≥15.0%
4 Moisture Absorption Capacity (77℉/ 25℃) - RH=40% ≥18.0% ≥16.0% ≥18.0%
5 Dust (mg/g) ≤0.3 ≤0.3 ≤0.3
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