Diagnostic Reagent Desiccant

Desiccant/Silica Gel Solutions for Diagnostic Reagent

Two-thirds of the worlds medical decisions are based on diagnostic information, while the expenditure of diagnostics only takes up 1% of the all medical expenditure, which has a high cost-performance ratio.


After four technological revolutions of chemical, enzyme, immunoassay and chemiluminescence probe technology, diagnostic reagent is becoming more and more popular. Hundreds and thousands of families practice self-precaution and self-check, which greatly improves their health and aims to achieve the highest level of self-care.


In order to meet the needs of diagnostic reagents moisture, Wisesorbent developed a variety of diagnostic reagents moisture-proof products and solutions to meet the needs of customers.

Advantages of Our Diagnostic Reagent Desiccants

Most of the diagnostic reagents detect the corresponding items effectively by the discoloration of the enzyme. But due to the great interference of humidity on its effect, the application of Wisesorbent diagnostic reagent moisture-proof products and solutions can effectively guarantee the diagnostic reagents have their effect regardless of the manufacturing, storage and transportation period.

Diagnostic Reagent Products

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