Industry Desiccants

Industrial Desiccants and Absorbents

According to global statistics, more than one quarter of non-performing industrial products are related to a damp environment and dampness has become one of the main quality control factors. We have customized three products for the industrial sector: physical absorption, chemical absorption and a humidity indicating card which are comprehensively solving the industrial dampness issue.

Industry Desiccants

Advantages of Wisesorbent's Industry Desiccants

The dampness of different kinds of industrial products is closely related to three factors including; The moisture content of the products, temperature change within a sealed environment and the existence of a natural condition which has turned the dampness problem of industrial products into an issue.

Aiming at different industrial moisture-proof needs, Wisesorbent has successively developed and manufactured silica gel series desiccants. As well as a Montmorillonite series desiccant, molecular sieve series desiccants and an activated carbon series adsorbent which are based on physical absorption and breathing desiccants applicable for a liquid phase system. Through material technology innovation and combined with a strong absorption capacity of chloride, we have manufactured active mineral series desiccants, higher performance series desiccants and high absorption series desiccants based on the chemical absorption principle. We are committed to providing the industrial sector with a comprehensive moisture-proof solution through the application of powerful R&D innovation and extensive experience in the industry.

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