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WiseFresh™ Food Fiber Desiccant

Introducing Our New Food Desiccant WiseFresh™ Fiber Desiccant: FOOD-GRADE

Our new food-grade fiber desiccant utilizes natural plant fiber and is made through a special process. FDA binding food-grade calcium chloride is used as the main moisture absorption material. It has a strong moisture absorption capacity: under 25℃, RH90%. WiseFresh™ fiber desiccant it is able to absorb more than 50% moisture of its own weight! It can be cut to all shapes and sized: rectangles, squares, circles, and more to fit into bottle caps and modes as you need, easy to use and saves packaging space. It can be used for nutraceutical products and food such as cookies and nuts.

  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Strong Absorption Capacity
    It can absorb more than 50% moisture than of its own weight
  • Special Packing Material
    Special Packing Material
    Utilize porous non-woven paper
  • Solves Leaking
    Non-toxic and non-hazardous, easy to use
  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Customized Weight
    Aside from standard products, you can also customize the component weight yourself
WiseFresh™ Fiber
Wisesorbent Company News

Grand Opening of Production

October 4, 2019 was a special day in the history of WiseSorbent® and all of its members. On Oct. 4th we celebrated the grand opening of production here in New Jersey, USA. We were joined not only by our staff but by shareholders and our customers as well!

Grand Opening of Product Presentation

After showcasing our pharma and diagnostics products we had the pleasure of a few words from our CEO:

Dear Friends,
We get together today to celebrate the opening of production for Wisesorbent, WiseSorbent® focuses on global Active Healthcare Packaging (AHP) market. Some of the major services we provide include; cutting and dispensing integrated solutions for the continuous desiccant strip, and automated packaging solutions.
It has been two years since WiseSorbent® began business. During this time, we received strong support not only from the local government, supplies and friends, but also from our share holders and employees. It is your help and trust that allow us to come to this step. So please accept my most sincere appreciation.

In our past 18 years of operation, we decided in research and development for active packaging material to provide professional products for four major markets. We created value for our customers and won honor for ourselves. Staring today, we will manufacture in the USA, and we will endeavor more to solve complicated problems for our customers offering professional service, rapid delivery, premium quality, as well as competitive pricing, so as to become the global leader for AHP market. When I started 18 years ago, I had nothing but a dream to become the leader of this industry. Following this dream, we devoted all our youth and energy. And today, when I’m standing here. I know it for sure that this dream can be realized and exceeded.

WiseSorbent® has a great dream for the future, as we see the areas where the world needs us, and we see that we can create more value for the world. Green, recyclable and renewable is the future goals we are approaching. We will provide the AHP market with revolutionary products and are developing such products by utilizing active and nano material technology, which will contribute greatly for harmony of human economics and natural environment. This will be a spectacular journey that we should all join together to build our future more glorious and prosperous.”

Steven Shen – CEO
Grand Opening of Product - WiseSorbent® Technology

We would like to thank everyone that took time out of their day to attend the ceremony. WiseSorbent® looks forward to a prosperous future here in New Jersey, US.

Wisesorbent Company News


WiseSorbent® will be concluding the month of September by exhibiting at the Pack Expo. Which will be held in Las Vegas, NV on September 23-25, 2019. PACK EXPO showcases advanced packaging equipment, materials, & containers from exhibitors. With more than 30,000+ packaging professionals and to 30,000 attendees. The PACK EXPO signifies a high-quality trade show experience that concentrations on processing and packaging innovation while bringing together a wide range of industries. PACK EXPO trade show continues to stay on the cutting edge of industry trends and answer demand for innovations in various industries.

This year WiseSorbent® is proud to introduce a new method of moisture control for packaging. With our FOUR NEW DESICCANT FILMS, A REVOLUTIONARY MOISTURE CONTROL SOLUTION!

WisePac® Aluminum Desiccant FilmAluminum Film with Desiccant Function

Wisefilm Aluminum Film with Desiccant Function integrates a polymer drying film with desiccant functionality to create a desiccant moisture absorbing film laminate. This is a great way to create moisture-free blister packs, gel packs and other methodologies in the medical and pharmaceutical industry that require individual packing…. Learn More

WisePac® Desiccant Film

WisePac® Desiccant FilmFilm with Desiccant Function

Wisepac’s desiccant film is a newly developed innovative packaging material with high barrier properties and desiccative function. It can save manpower, equipment and material input needed for desiccant insertion when applying the ordinary PE film packaging.

It can be widely used in pharmaceutical and healthcare packaging. This is a great way to create moisture-free packaging bags…. Learn More

Cold Form Blister Desiccant Foil

WisePac® Cold Form Blister Desiccant FoilThe New Definition of Blister Foil

Our Cold Form Blister Foil Desiccative Aluminum foil is available in a variety of formats. Tablets and capsules are protected by our desiccative aluminum foil on top via the stamped Cold Form Blister Foil. We protect your products completely from both oxygen and water allowing for an extended product expiry date. This is a great way to create moisture-free cold form blister packs…. Learn More

WisePac® Aluminum Lidding Foil

WisePac® Aluminum Lidding FoilThe Lidding Foil that goes with Blister Foil

Our WisePac® aluminum lidding foil is a high-end metal foil. In fact, our desiccative cold form films are sealed by this type of lidding foil. Thus, we add a variety of new options to our blister packs. Whether you prefer a peel, peel-push, push-through or simple tear to open our lidding foil makes these possible for any of your product’s packaging needs. The lidding foil comes in senior-friendly and child-safe varieties. This combined with the excellent barrier properties keeps pharmaceutical products safe and fresh, making it an excellent way to prolong your blister products expiry date…. ready more

These fully customizable foils provide an effective, low-cost solution that helps prolong your blister products expiration date. Our sales team will provide guidance to customize the correct solution for any product. We look forward to you visiting our booth!

Booth # N-638

Wisesorbent Company News

Wisemop Rapid Water Absorption

Introducing Our New Diagnostics ProductWisemop Rapid Water Absorption – Liquid Solidifier

Wisemop® Rapid Water Absorption Pack is a product used in labs, medical and diagnostic field to quickly absorb and solidify leaking liquid. It utilizes water-soluble packing material which enables convenient usage of the product without opening the package. This water absorption pack is also capable of absorbing liquid rapidly: it can absorb hundred times of liquid of its own weight in a few minutes (absorption capacity is related to mineral salt concentration in the absorbed solution).

  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Customized Weight
    Aside from standard products, you can also customize the component weight yourself
  • Strong Absorption Capacity
    Strong Absorption Capacity
    Capable of absorbing up to 400 times of distilled water of its own weight, or 45 times of saline solution of its own weight
  • Special Packing Material
    Special Packing Material
    Utilize water soluble paper, convenient to use ‒ don’t need to tear open the package
  • Solves Leaking
    Solves Leaking
    Rapidly and effectively solves liquid leaking problem in medical, diagnostic and labs.
  • Solves Leaking
    Non-toxic and non-hazardous, easy to use
Wisesorbent Company News

New Desiccant Products

WiseSorbent® Technology is a worldwide leader in desiccants and moisture-proof solutions. We are continually driven to provide the best products and services advocated by powerful technology. Today you are honored to present to you a few of our new products.

Desiccant Deodorizer Sachet & StripsSilica Gel + Activated Carbon Sachet

Activated Charcoal Silica Gel

Desiccant Deodorizer Sachet & Strips:

Packed with uncoated Tyvek to avoid dusting, WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet and strips utilize premium quality silica gel and coconut activated carbon which allows for a high absorption capacity for moisture and odor. Our WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet and strips retain moisture and odor from the bottle of pills. Our ultrasonic sealing method avoids using glue and prevents desiccant breaking. The WiseMini® desiccant deodorizer sachet is compliant with USP41-NF36.

Desiccant Deodorizer CanisterSilica Gel + Activated Carbon Sachet

Desiccant Deodorizer Canister

Desiccant Deodorizer Canister:

Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canister contains premium quality silica gel and coconut activated carbon which allows high absorption capacity for both moisture and odor. The canister retains moisture from inside of the pill bottle and also absorbs the odor from the pills. A special anti-dust mesh structure prevents activated carbon dust. There is no ink contact due to the laser printing on Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canisters. Making our desiccant canisters compliant with USP41-NF36.

Utilizing Wisecan® desiccant deodorizer canister with Wisepac® Canister Dispenser allows for automated manufacturing which improves production efficiency.

WiseCap® Desiccant CapDesiccant Cap Designed for Pharmaceutical Pill Bottles

WiseCap® Desiccant Tablet

WiseCap® Desiccant Cap:

WiseCap® desiccant cap is specially designed for pharmaceutical pill bottles. The desiccant can be conveniently attached into bottle caps on the the inside without occupying bottle space. They utilize non-toxic silica gel which is physically and chemically stable and PP plastic with fiber paper which prevents desiccant from leaking and shattering. Customized sizes of WiseCap® are available based on a variety of bottle cap sizes. WiseCap® desiccant cap is compliant with USP41-NF36.

WiseTab DesiccantTyvek Packed Molecular Sieve Tablet

Wisetab Desiccant

WiseTab Desiccant:

Tyvek packed molecular sieve tablet achieves a high absorption capacity under a low humidity rate: capable of controlling the humidity rate inside of medical packages under RH 10%. Which can effectively extend shelf life of pills sensitive to a damp environment. The molecular sieve tablet utilizes heat sealing method without glue and prevents dust for improved safety. Utilizing water-based ink for added safety. Our WiseTab also comings in customizable sizes and is Compliant with USP41-NF36.

Wisesorbent Company News

CPHI China June 18-20th 2019

Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), Shanghai, China

CPHI China 2019 will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 18th -20th, 2019. With more than 3,200+ exhibitors and 70,000+ professional visitors from over 120 countries. CPHI will be one of the most extensive pharmaceutical exhibitions in all of Asia this year. CPHI has been supporting international pharmaceutical business connections and directing market trends and tech revolutions in the industry since 2001.

We, WiseSorbent® have been attending CPHI for several years, and are well known in their convention circle as a worldwide leading desiccant manufacturer. Our WiseSorbent® team looks forward to you visiting our booth and taking the time to discover our moisture control solutions to protect your product from moisture and humidity.

This year WiseSorbent® is proud to introduce a NEW ERA OF REVOLUTIONARY MOISTURE CONTROL! Our WisePac® Aluminum Film with Desiccant Function integrates a polymer drying film with desiccant functionality to create a desiccant moisture absorbing film laminate. This is a great way to create moisture-free blister packs, gel packs and other methodologies in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

BOOTH #: N5B32

CPHI China
Wisesorbent Company News

Diagnostic, Industrial and Shipping Solutions Now Online!

As you may remember earlier on in the year, we had made major updates to our product pages, new photos, new descriptions and new technical documentation all with the goal of ensuring the most up to date and innovative solutions and products from WiseSorbent® were made accessible and understandable to the world. This goal has now become even closer to completion with both the Diagnostic Reagent and Industrial Fields being supplied with solutions and case studies for some of the best uses and combinations of our products and machinery.

The diagnostic reagent world is one of accuracy, safety and making sure loved ones take the right reading at the right time. With our solutions, diagnostic reagent products for diabetics, testing strips and a wide variety of medical devices are accounted for in the solutions described in the link below:

With our molecular sieve or color changing silica gel (which also uses transparent aihua paper) one can devise the best raw material for the job at hand. Have products very sensitive to moisture? Use Molecular sieve of course. Need to see when your desiccant has become saturated? The aihua paper silica gel strips are your best bet! Furthermore, the diabetic world is on the verge of a new age with the new storage capabilities with our desiccant aluminum film. Learn more by diving into the solutions and feel free to contact us directly if you would like to know more!

Meanwhile, the industrial world is full of large scale production and even larger machinery. Protecting those machines has never been easier though with our silica gel based dry breather! On the flip side, we have two new innovative products for the industrial industry, the Wisepower series. Discover how both the High Absorption and High Performance series can help you today! Click the links below and be prepared to see how moisture control can benefit your bottom line!

Lastly, large scale industrial production needs to be shipped out international almost every day, and due to these long arduous shipment routes, some products are damaged in the shipping process. Find out how to avoid these issues and keep products safe with our Shipping container solution!

Wisesorbent Company News

CPHI Chicago & Next stop Bio International Philadelphia

Rounding out the end of the month of April and beginning of May was the last of Wisesorbent’s “April American Trade Show Tour” at CPHI North America in Chicago. Despite the freak snowstorm late last weekend leading to a slower start at first, the rest of the week turned out to be a great show for everyone involved!

Our most talked about product at this show was again the Desiccant Aluminum Film:

More than ¾ of the visitors to our booth would inquire about it. Safe to say, this film is getting set to revolutionize how many people see and work with films in packaging especially within the pharmaceutical and medical device community. Another hit at the show was our WiseCan® Desiccant Canisters with many guests complimenting its features such as: its dual filtration design on both the top and bottom, sleek cylindrical shape and laser engraved printing. Laser engraved messaging eliminates the very common problem of water-based non-toxic ink runs off; despite it not having any ill effects on the end user. Most consumers just don’t like seeing any ink at all on the medication they put in their body.

Our booth in case you missed it!

The next show we have coming up is the Bio International Convention

In neighboring Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street. Focusing on biotechnology, it is sure to be a unique experience for attendees and exhibitors alike! Be sure to visit us there at Booth 2355 and check back on our news page for more details!

Wisesorbent Company News

Major Diagnostic Reagent Desiccant Product Page Update!

At the beginning of February, many of our readers may recall that our Pharmaceutical desiccant product page had overgone a major overhaul. Now we have done the same with our Diagnostic Reagent Industry based desiccants along with a few other major updates to the Pharma page as well! Not only do all of our Diagnostic Reagent based products all have new photos, descriptions, frequently asked questions and relative humidity absorbance percentage charts but we have also made a major overhaul to the look and feel of the page as well! We have also made minor adjustments and improvements to the Pharmaceutical page to match the theme throughout the site. In addition, there are even some new products to be seen on both pages such as the very popular and brand new Desiccant Aluminum Film in various formats, our Powder Packaging Machine (previously only talked about on the solutions page) and fully updated information on our Diagnostic Wisetube series.

Safe to say, there is a lot of new material to see! Further still, we will be creating a new solutions page for our Diagnostic based solutions, such as the optimal usage of our Horizontal Cutting and Dispensing Machine, how to utilize the Desiccant Aluminum Film for Diabetes strip and more to come very soon. What is great about these updates is that it helps people not only understand what WiseSorbent® has to offer but also the Desiccant Industry as a whole. Our vision for this website is not just to sell products, but to help those in their respective industries learn why desiccants are so important and helpful to them. Like a famous phrase says: “good things come in small packages”.

So please, have a look at the new page and be sure to check out the site next week as we start rolling out the new solution pages. Up next we are sure to see similar updates for the Industrial and Shipping Container industries too. As always, feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have, especially now with a clearer picture of what we have to offer.

You can visit our new revamped Diagnostic Reagent Product Page here:

Wisesorbent Company News

Supply Side This Week & Interphex Review

Just last week, WiseSorbent® had an excellent show at the Interphex Trade Show in NYC. Many customers stopped by our booth, giving us their specific desiccant requirements and the current quantities and specifications they use currently. We were happy to show them the WiseSorbent® equivalent and naturally we have the capacity to meet the majority of their needs. Meanwhile, our new products and innovations; especially the aluminum desiccative foil were very popular and asked about frequently. We highlighted not only the powder packaging, lidding foil and blister pack capabilities of our aluminum foil but also a new type of packaging that can be used for diabetes strips and other types of small diagnostic devices. These and our machines running around the clock lead to a great overall success at Interphex, and we hope to have a similar showing this week at Supply Side East in Secaucus, NJ at the Meadowlands Convention Center.

Supply Side East is a huge hub for supplies, ingredients and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We have been attending Supply Side East and West for many years, and are very well known in their convention circle. Whilst there, prospective and current customers will be able to access a wide variety of information regarding our desiccants, innovations and machinery. As always, the WiseSorbent® team will be there to answer any questions you may have about our desiccant line or fulfill any requirements you currently have to ensure your products are protected from moisture and humidity. Feel free to ask for a sample while you are there, grab one of our many sell sheets and catalogues filled with technical information about how our desiccants work or even schedule an appointment to discuss how you and WiseSorbent® can work in tandem. Supply Side East will be running for two days on April 9th and 10th , and our booth will be A107. Its not something anyone in the pharmaceutical field will want to miss out on!

Wisesorbent Technology
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