Utilization of Recyclable Desiccant for Steel Cord and Tire Industry

Steel cord is made of high-quality high-carbon steel through the process of surface coating, drawing, and twisting. It is one of the key structural materials used in the production of tires. In order to prevent the steel cord from being affected by moisture erosion, the manufacturer must utilize a desiccant to ensure that the product will not be exposed to moisture before being used by the tire manufacturer.

A large amount of desiccant flows from the steel cord factory (Party A) to the tire factory (Party B). Normally, Party B will return the desiccant to Party A, which will be treated as industrial waste at the expense of Party A. Today, when advocating for sustainable development and environmental protection, Wisesorbent has launched a recyclable desiccant solution based on local conditions, which can be widely used for steel cords and tire manufacturers.

Recyclable Desiccant Process

  1. The used desiccant is sent to the Wisesorbent facilitiy to be recycled
  2. Packaging materials are seperated from the desiccant raw material
  3. Recycled packaging materials are converted into plastic particles for reuse
  4. The recovered desiccant raw material is recycled and reused

The recyclable desiccant solution avoids the desiccant being reduced to industrial waste and saves the additional processing costs incurred by steel cord manufacturers. Most importantly the program conforms to the global environmental protection standards.

Advantages of Wisesorbent Recyclable Desiccant Solution:

  1. Avoid used desiccant becoming industrial waste
  2. Simplified transportation process
  3. Save the additional processing costs incurred by steel cord manufacturers
  4. Importantly Wisesorbent uses recyclable packaging materials, which is in line with global environmental protection standards.

Wisesorbent is an advocate for greener manufacturing processes and strives to reduce its environmental footprint now and into the future.

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