Showcasing Next-Generation Technology at Interpack 2023

interpack 2023 Wisesorbent Technology

Düsseldorf, May 5th – WiseSorbent is currently participating in Interpack 2023, the highly anticipated industry event taking place from May 4th to 10th at North Rhine-Westphalia in Düsseldorf, Germany. This prestigious exhibition brings together professionals, experts, and thought leaders from the packaging sector to explore the latest trends, exchange ideas, and form strategic partnerships. We […]

Here Again at the Annual WestPack Packaging Show

WestPack 2022

This April, Wisesorbent was honored to participate in the annual WestPack trade show at the Anaheim Convention Center, California. We presented our full range of moisture-proof & deoxidization products and sustainable packaging solutions. As the largest west coast packaging event in the US, Wisesorbent was proud to provide a comprehensive range of packaging solutions from active flexible packaging, and drop-in products to equipment designed to support […]

Looking to the Future, with Wisepac in Our Heart

On this day, Wisepac reaches her 20th anniversary. 20 years with a history of striving is the result of the collective effort of all shareholders, management, leaders, employees, as well as those families and friends who support the growth of Wisepac. I’d like to express my sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart! And special thanks to all our clients, thank […]

WiseSorbent – A Supplier Recognized by Bosch


By the end of 2020, Wisesorbent will cooperate with Bosch in order to automate & expand the production of the Covid-19 reagent.  WiseSorbent ‘s products have been approved by Bosch. Wisesorbent cooperating with Bosch to drastically expand the covid-19 reagent production line. An advanced production line requires reliable equipment to ensure stable quality output. A leading Covid-19 reagent manufacturer-recommended WiseSorbent to […]

WiseTube® Built in Desiccant Tube

WiseTube Built in Desiccant Tube

WiseTube® desiccant tube is an epoch-making innovative product. Different from the traditional method of putting desiccant in the cap, WiseSorbent® molds the special desiccant resin into the inner wall of the tube, so that the inner wall-of the whole tube has a drying function. This design completely solves the problem of desiccant leakage from the […]

Patent Review 2020


Wisesorbent® takes patent law very seriously and has recently invited legal counsel to conduct a comprehensive patent review of our entire product range. We are proud to announce that none of our products infringed on existing registered patents. Over the past 20 years, WiseSorbent® has accumulated 85 patents. We continue to invest a considerable amount of time […]

WiseSorbent® Joined the Active and Intelligent Packaging Association (AIPIA)

Wisesorbent Joined Active and Intelligent Packaging Association (AIPIA)

WiseSorbent® Joined AIPIA on June 16! WiseSorbent® has been committed to active packaging solutions, which can remove water vapor, oxygen, and other components inside the packaging by adsorption, release, and oxidation to extend the shelf life of products. This is an idea of active protection of contents, so we call this “Active Packaging”. After 20 years of development, we have […]

Ensure Protection & Longevity for COVID19 Diagnostics Solutions

Desiccant Solutions Diagnostic Reagence COVID-19

WiseSorbent® provides desiccant solutions to enable protection and longevity for the COVID19 diagnostics solutions. This time in history as the world faces a pandemic of the coronavirus, at a time of abundant stress and insecurity. It’s likewise a moment in time when the work we do at WiseSorbent® is its most critical. WiseSorbent® provides desiccant […]

EAST PACK EXPO March 3-5, 2020 – Booth#1331

Pack Expo 2020 - Booth #1331

Pack Expo East is your East Coast connection to new packaging innovation. With cutting-edge technology from over 400 top suppliers, and 7,000 plus high-level experts from leading consumer packaged goods companies will also be there. As the #1 packaging event for East Coast consumer packaged goods companies, WiseSorbent® will also be exhibiting at: Booth #1331 […]

West Pack 11-13, 2020 – Booth#5543

West Pack 2020, WiseSorbent® Boot#5543

As shoppers navigate for convenient and eco-friendly packaging, companies are looking to change their packaging. West Pack is one of the largest expos, with 20,000+ Professionals, 1,900+ Suppliers and numerous attendees. Today’s executives are seeking new alternatives to greener packaging. WiseSorbent® will be showcasing multiple active packaging solutions for varies industries. Visit our booth 5543 […]

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