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This is a special day for all WiseSorbent® members because we have gone through three years on the research road of WiseSorbent® functional packaging material. On 28th March of 2014, namely this day of three year ago, we fired our first shot in the field of functional material research and invested more than ten of millions fund into it. We started our biggest research project so far with strong belief of success and never mind anydifficulties and failure. We will master the initiative for the future development of WiseSorbent® if we can succeed, but on the contrary, we have to undertake all consequence if we didn’t make it work. Someone once said that innovation is equal with finding death and conservation is equal with waiting death. But we always keep our spirit of never afraid of lose. We still insist on heading into dangerous way even we know it is dangerous. We must move into longest way and climb highest mountain and keep going with smile.

Today I would love to give many thanks to all the members of research team, and I also want to give thanks to all staff of WiseSorbent® about your support to this research project even the salary. And welfare for all of you have no increase because massive fund are invested into research. Meanwhile thanks for all domestic and abroad suppliers for your many support to the extension of payment expiration. Also thanks for all shareholders of WiseSorbent® because of your unconditional trust in our research project. Of course I will give my biggest thanks to our junior staff who keep insistence and always accompany us. Because we may face possible failure in each test and we will repeat those daily work after the failure. This kind of circulation is tedious, but you have gone through it, which are biggest success and pride for our project.

I always keep thinking that what is the meaning of putting yourself into death corner and then find the new way. Then I get the answer that if we passed each fail road with great effort and find there is no way to go, the only way in front of us is victory. In the recalling of this three years research process, my feeling is so complicated. All of us including the research manager, core management members as well as junior staff who participate in the project have experienced torment both mentally and physically, even some of them have paid the price of injures. We have finished three years research step by step and only those who experienced can understand this 1000 days and nights, and only myself who can feel the torment inside it. But when we finally embrace the light of victory, what I have thought is not enjoy the happiness of victory alone but put more emphasis on the market. I want to pay back all the members who support WiseSorbent® with sales, profit, welfare and bonus. Happy alone is no good than happy in groups. The victory fruit of WiseSorbent® always belongs to our big family and each of you who support us.

But we don’t hold any celebrate ceremony for the moment, because we still don’t finish last process. We already get used to the loneliness and helplessness and we are strong enough to conquer any worries and fear. What we focused lie on the standard of product, the process control of product realization as well as the quality control after the finish of product. There is a loud sound in the universal but nearly be heard and the universal is too big to describe it. The superficial prosperous is not suitable for WiseSorbent® and its present situation. But for this moment I just want to memorize the research road of WiseSorbent® with this article to express my grateful and hope. Meanwhile I hope all WiseSorbent® members can remember that the aroma of plum blossom comes from cold weather and the precious sword comes from hard process. All of the difficulties and barriers will eventually bring us huge harvest and joyfulness. We WiseSorbent® members are not ordinary people and never compromise for mediocrity. We should live with dignity and pride. We should make “Six Diligence” as our standard and regard honest, cooperation as well as innovation as the root of living and working in this world. Our goal is working hard to make WiseSorbent® become international enterprise with no fear to might and hardship. Never forget the initial purpose and never betray our mission , we are on the way to the leading position of worldwide desiccant industry.

Steven Shen

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