WiseSorbent – A Supplier Recognized by Bosch

By the end of 2020, Wisesorbent will cooperate with Bosch in order to automate & expand the production of the Covid-19 reagent. 

  • WiseSorbent ‘s products have been approved by Bosch.
  • Wisesorbent cooperating with Bosch to drastically expand the covid-19 reagent production line.

An advanced production line requires reliable equipment to ensure stable quality output. A leading Covid-19 reagent manufacturer-recommended WiseSorbent to Bosch. WiseSorbent previously passed the product audit from Bosch in early 2011 and has officially become the supplier of Bosch’s desiccant cutting and dispensing machine.

Bosch has drawn up a comprehensive expansion plan in order to become one of the largest automatic production line manufacturing bases in the southern hemisphere over the next few years.

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